Criminals trash Kentucky church building


Investigators with the Powell County, Kentucky sheriff’s office are investigating thousands of dollars in damage caused by criminals who ransacked a church building.

A sheriff’s office spokesperson said someone overturned pews, smashed holes in the walls and caused extensive damage to the South Fork Church of God building. The spokesperson described walking into the damaged sanctuary as, “devastating.” 

The vandal or vandals’ motive is not known.

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(Powell County Sheriff’s Office)

Vandals damage 244-year-old church site

A church building that was constructed in the United States when the country was still a British colony has been damaged by vandals.

Mission San Juan Capistrano, located in California, was built in 1776 by Spanish Catholic missionaries. It was the 7th of 21 Spanish missions built in California according to the Mission’s website. Church officials Friday said someone had tagged the historic structure with graffiti.  Officials have not yet said if the vandalism was a random act or if the mission was targeted.

The mission has been temporarily closed until further notice.

“Mission San Juan Capistrano remains committed to preserving the religious and historical significance of the site,” says a post on the mission’s Facebook page. 

NJ congregation targeted by vandals for third time

Photo: Vandalism suspect caught on surveillance video

A New Jersey congregation is victim of vandalism for the third time.  It’s something that leads church members of Our Lady of Victories Church in Jersey City to believe they are being targeted.  WABC television Thursday aired surveillance video of a man ripping a Ten Commandments display from the building. Previous attacks have involved the destruction of statues.

Rev. Michael Gubernat told NBC New York, “It’s happening a lot more and that’s a dangerous sign.”

Jersey City Police have not yet determined a motive behind the attacks. Anyone with information about the vandalism is asked to call the department at 201-547-5477.

UPDATE: Three arrested in Colorado church vandalism

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(Photos: Thornton, Colorado police department)

Police in Thornton, Colorado say three 15-year-olds have been arrested for causing over $80,000 damage to a church the week before Easter.  According to the Denver Post, two were arrested Tuesday evening and one was arrested Wednesday morning. The identity of the suspects has not been released because of their age.

The trio broke windows, punched holes in walls and destroyed musical instruments at the North Huron Christian Center. A tweet from the Thornton Police Department described the act as, “malicious destruction of church property.”  A police spokesperson has not said why the three wanted to damage the church.

According to file stories, Pastor Renee Coventry says the congregation will hold Easter services in the building.

A Go Fund Me page with a modest goal of raising $5,000 to help the church has been set up.  As of early Thursday morning, the fund has reached $3,877.