Reported acts of aggression against Christian congregations this week

Jeff Turner, Staff

This is a list of this week’s reported attacks against Christian congregations and church property in North America. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list.  These are only those that have come to our attention through media reports.

MONDAY 11/29/2021

A database of attacks on church property is being maintained following an increase in the number of anti-Catholic arson and criminal vandalism. The B.C. Catholic reports the Church Attacks Database aims to keep, “a detailed, public record of all attacks on the Church in Canada.”

An arson investigator in the US says fire at Catholic Charities in East Tennessee has been ruled arson. WATE television reports someone forced their way into the building and set it ablaze. No motive has been determined for the crime.

TUESDAY 11/30/2021

The National Catholic Register reports a mob of feminist protesters “viciously and violently” beat a woman outside of the Cathedral of Santa Cruz de la Sierra in La Paz, Bolivia. The attack took place on Nov. 25, a date known as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women.

WEDNESDAY 12/1/2021

Investigators with the Saskatoon RCMP are investigating extensive vandalism to a rural church. CTV published photos of the damage discovered at Saron Lutheran Church in Hagen on Sunday. No motive for the attack is known.

A report released by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops documents 95 attacks on congregations since May 2020. Christianity Daily reports some of the cases involve attempted murder, damage to church property and arson.

Police in Sulligent, Alabama have arrested a man accused of setting a church building on fire.  WCBI television reports Tyler McKay, 22, is charged with two counts of arson first-degree, burglary third degree, and criminal mischief first-degree for crimes committed against the Alpha and Omega Church on November 22.

THURSDAY 12/2/2021

Police in Deland Florida are asking for information about vandalism at three churches the week of Thanksgiving.  St. Peter Catholic Church, DeLand Wesleyan Church and Tacoma Christian received damage by the vandal or vandals according to a report from Fox 35 in Orlando.  The TV station reported there was no indication burglary was a motive and the churches are not affiliated.

FRIDAY 12/3/2021:

No report

Something New, Legacy Five’s Debut StowTown Records Released


Nashville, TN (October 8, 2021) – At a time in our lives when nothing seems normal, new music from our favorite artists can uplift, inspire and encourage us. Legacy Five seeks to do just that with their brand new album, Something New. With their first offering on the StowTown label, the legendary quartet continues to reinvent their delivery of the timeless message of the Gospel. Something New is available today on all digital music platforms, as well as at, and Amazon.

Legacy Five continues their 21-year journey with fresh wind in their sails. The four vocalists have been together for a couple of years now and their sound and camaraderie is solid. Scott FowlerLee BlackBryan Walker and Matt Fouch recently added Garrett Anderson on keys. Yes, after so many years as a mainstay in Southern Gospel music, this is definitely Something New. Group owner and lead vocalist Scott Fowler acknowledges that this album is a significant part of Legacy Five’s story. “As Legacy Five approaches our 22nd year in gospel music, we find our professional journey embarking on Something New, not the least of which is partnering with StowTown Records. StowTown has become a symbol of excellence and integrity, and we are very honored they have invited us to be a small part of their amazing family of artists. This project is a fantastic way to start Something New as we partner in ministry with StowTown!”

StowTown Records President Landon Beene shares, “This project is appropriately titled Something New. Although Legacy Five has been at the top of their game for years, they have managed to reinvent themselves through this project with an incredible new sound of quartet harmony unlike anyone has heard before.” For this kind of achievement, an artist has to fully trust their producers. Wayne Haun and Gordon Mote create a dynamic production team, each bringing years of musical expertise to this project. Sonically, they’ve pushed Legacy Five to the next level, not settling for less than their best. After the success of their previous release, Pure Love, which garnered the GMA Dove Award for Southern Gospel Album of the Year, this project continues the forward momentum that success brought.

With the first track, “Welcome To Your Life,” the listener is drawn in as if during the hero’s adventure sequence in a movie. A full orchestra and big harmonies make this song truly inviting and exciting.  Staying true to their musical roots, there are a variety of traditional Southern Gospel and Country-flavored tunes which are sure to be fan favorites. But a stunningly simple, yet poignant moment on the album may be a surprise to some. “Jesus Wept” brings current events, historical events and personal moments all together under one umbrella: Jesus wept for all of us out of His deep love for us. It’s as if Scott Fowler is giving a sermon in one song. “Given, Buried, Risen,” the first radio single, was released on digital platforms last week and is quickly becoming another Legacy Five hit song. With twelve tracks on the album, Legacy Five fans will be thrilled with the variety of songs on Something New.

Something New is distributed digitally by Provident/Sony and is available worldwide on all digital music platforms.

Track Listing:
Welcome To Your Life (Ernie Haase, Wayne Haun, Joel Lindsey)
Enough For Me (Jason Cox, Lee Black)
Testify (Lee Black, Jason Cox, Joseph Habedank)
Given, Buried, Risen (Cliff Duren, Lee Black)
Jesus Wept (Gina Boe, Joel Lindsey, Sue C. Smith)
Love Speaks (Jeff Bumgardner, Joel Lindsey, Wayne Haun)
Who Better Than Me? (Bryan Walker, Devin McGlamery, Matthew Lawson)
Be Alright (Lee Black, Barry Weeks, Kenna West)
I’ve Seen What He Can Do (Sue C. Smith, Lee Black, Kenna West)
Believer (Bryan Fowler, Rhett Walker, Mitch Wong)
Eyes Of Faith (Lee Black, John Darin Rowsey)
Something New (Lee Black, Bryan Walker)

Is the Genesis flood account plagiarized?

Floyd Rogers

Let’s consider some universal things.  For example, everyone eats. When ancient people learned how to write, they recorded stories about every part of life including stories about people eating. Wouldn’t it be ridiculous to conclude that whomever was the first to make a written record of people eating must have invented eating? Is this rather absurd assumption any different than the presupposition made by those who claim the flood account originated with an author that pre-dates Genesis.

Other cultures may have written down flood stories that pre-date our oldest copies of Genesis, but this only indicates they were the first to write it down.  After all, Genesis records a flood that happened when the earliest humans walked the earth, possibly before anyone had written language. Isn’t it interesting that cultures from the Mesopotamians to the Mayans have written stories of a great flood? It’s what you would expect to find the flood were an oral tradition handed down to all descendants no matter how far apart they eventually settled.

What are your thoughts?

Is God obligated to heal disease?


I was asked if God could cure a person with social anxiety disorder.  I was a bit surprised when they laughed at my response.  God can cure any disorder, but does one need to be cured of anxiety to be in God’s will?

Nowhere in the Bible does it say we will be without pain or suffering; at least not before the second coming.  Consider that Paul asked God three times to take away his thorn in the flesh.  God responded by telling Paul, “My grace is sufficient…” Paul had what he needed even without being delivered from his thorn in the flesh. In fact, Paul went on to write, that he would delight in weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions and difficulties.  I believe 2 Corinthians tells us Paul’s weaknesses led him to depend on God, and thus, made him stronger in spite of his initial assumption that he needed to have his thorn removed.

Can someone ask why God cannot do such-and-such without assuming they know what God should do?

I’m very interested in reading your responses. Please post them below or on the station’s Facebook page.