Why does God allow persecution?

Floyd Rogers

Questioning persecution is nothing new. It’s something Christians have done since the earliest recorded times. But this isn’t something unique to God’s children, it’s a reaction seen in most humans.

Consider how the citizens of Ukraine acted after their country was invaded by Russia early in 2022.  Ukraine, a country that had its share of divisions suddenly became united. Adversity can unify an invaded nation. It can also unify us as a persecuted church.  Similarly, just as the world’s view of Ukraine changed as we watched the way its citizens responded to an invasion, the way we respond to anti-Christian jabs can also change the way others view followers of Jesus. 

Paul spoke about persecution in 1 Thessalonians. He records how onlookers in Thessalonica saw his response to persecution as evidence he wasn’t there for personal gain.  Persecution made his witness stronger.

I’m not implying that persecution is always God’s will, or that it’s wrong to ask God for deliverance from persecution. I am saying when we ask, we should follow Jesus’ example and follow with: Nevertheless, Thy will be done. There just may be reasons far beyond what we’ve considered. What are your thoughts?

Reported crimes against the church in North America this week 1/30/2022


The number of reported crimes against churches and congregations remains low for a second week in a row.  No confirmed hate crimes have been reported to Texas Gospel Canada since the first of the year.

CTV reports RCMP investigators in Olds, Alberta are looking for the person caught on security footage damaging windows at the First Baptist church.  MountainViewToday reports the damage was reported January 23.

Authorities in Lawrence County, Alabama began the week looking for whomever caused thousands of dollars in damage to the New Antioch Church of Christ building, according to The Birmingham News. The paper published photos of the damage. WAAY television reports the motive does not appear to be theft as no valuable items were taken. Shortly after those stories ran police arrested two juveniles. APnews reports the teens were identified from surveillance video. WHNT television reports the damage is estimated at $30,000.

A Virginia church grotto was vandalized and statues “irreparably damaged” Tuesday night according to a report from WTOP news. A post by the pastor on the church web site says, “I am so saddened by this act of disrespect and destruction of property…. Let us be people of peace who value and respect one another.”

Reported crimes against the church in North America this week 1/23/2022


This is a list of this week’s reported crimes against Christian congregations and church property in North America. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list.  These are only those that have come to our attention through media reports.

Reported crimes against congregations in North America were low this week. It is our hope that this is not because most are unknown, but that attacks on the Christian church were few.

A cathedral in Tallahassee, Florida held a dedication service after renovations were completed following a 2019 arson. WCTV reports Seth Johnson, 32, pleaded no contest to an arson charge that severely damaged the Cathedral of St. Thomas More in Tallahassee.

The search for vandals who caused thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to a church in North Alabama continues.  WHNT TV released video of some of the damage along with information about the effort to identify the criminals. Fox54 reports the vandals will face charges of burglary and criminal mischief.

Reported crimes against the church in North America this week 12/24/2021


This is a list of this week’s reported crimes against Christian congregations and church property in North America. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list.  These are only those that have come to our attention through media reports.

MONDAY, DEC. 20, 2021

Vandals in Land Park, California have destroyed what has been a long-time annual Christmas display.  KRCA Television reports the Nativity set up by a family for the past 25 years was demolished by criminals over the weekend.

The sheriff’s office in York County, South Carolina is investigating racist and obscene graffiti at the NewSpring Church, according to a report from The Herald.

TUESDAY, DEC. 21, 2021

Provincial police are investigating after someone used an ATV to smash through doors of a church in Caledonia. CBC news reports it appears they drove the ATV inside the building causing further damage.


Police in Oldsmar, Florida have not announced a motive for a man arrested after they say he broke into a church and caused more than $50,000 in damage.  Fox13 reports the unnamed suspect broke into the Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church and began marring the walls and furniture with graffiti, burning items and ransacking the building.

THURSDAY, DEC 23, 2021

Calgary police are looking for a person of interest in a summer church arson. CTV News has published photos of a man that may have information about an intentionally-set fire at the Calgary House of Prayer Church on July 4.

A creche depicting Jesus’ birth has been vandalized for the second time in Hillsborough, New Jersey.  Tapinto.net reports the vandalized figures at The Catholic Church of Hillsborough were a gift to the church and had been cast by an Italian sculptor. Police have not made any arrests in the criminal act.

FRIDAY, DEC 24, 2021

A Charleston, S.C. congregation is looking past the vandalism of the person or persons who targeted their sanctuary earlier this month, as they focus on serving God while they serve the community.  ABC4 reports Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church is continuing its work distributing clothing and food as they discourage drug use in the neighborhood.

Sheriff’s deputies in Shasta County, California arrested a woman for vandalism at the Community Baptist Church. The Riverside County News reports that deputies found the woman broke into the church, sprayed the fire extinguisher around the sanctuary but got no further in damaging the house of worship because law officers caught her in the act.

Police in Austin, Texas are investigating after someone smashed stained glass windows on all sides of Our Savior Lutheran Church. KXAN television reports the church boarded up the windows and proceeded with worship as scheduled.

Criminals trash Kentucky church building


Investigators with the Powell County, Kentucky sheriff’s office are investigating thousands of dollars in damage caused by criminals who ransacked a church building.

A sheriff’s office spokesperson said someone overturned pews, smashed holes in the walls and caused extensive damage to the South Fork Church of God building. The spokesperson described walking into the damaged sanctuary as, “devastating.” 

The vandal or vandals’ motive is not known.

Texas Gospel Canada publishes reported acts of aggression against congregations in North America. An on-air weekly report is broadcast every Monday on our Southern Gospel stream.

(Powell County Sheriff’s Office)