Do Christians lose their individuality?


It’s not uncommon for those opposed to our faith to present stories of individual Christians doing bad things as evidence that there is something malicious about a belief in God. It’s interesting that while they cite wars and other wrongdoings that history tells us were carried out by individuals who claim to be Christians, it’s also not uncommon for anti-theists to reject the idea that atheism must be equally bad given that some atheist leaders have started wars and done malicious things. They excuse such actions by saying atheists are individuals who make their own decisions. Well, is religion is to blame whenever a Christian does evil? Is it true that only atheists are capable of individual decisions?

Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Christians lose their ability to disobey God and do wrong. In fact, there are plenty of scriptures about repenting when we do something that goes against God’s will. It’s also true that church office in ancient times was a requirement for political office creating a temptation for evil people to falsely claim to have faith. The political power also presents a temptation for those with true faith to take their eyes off God.

Given that atheist and believers have done evil, and that there is no evidence that anything, but an individual’s bad choice is to blame when he or she does bad things, why do so many resort to this argument to “prove” some malice among believers?

What are your thoughts?

Looking forward to live concerts

Many of us are ready to return to a normal life. The online concerts have been a good substitute, but there are a lot of folks who really miss attending concerts in person. There’s nothing like an auditorium full of people enjoying the experience of a live event together.

The Kramers recently posted a video of their NQC performance from last fall. That feels like a lifetime ago, but the video brings back fun memories. StowTown records shared the video with us, and we thought it would be good to share it with you.

If you know of a Southern Gospel concert in your area taking place within local guidelines, please post it to our Facebook page and let others know where they can go to enjoy the music.


Here’s when to listen for some of your favorite speakers

Texas Gospel Canada broadcasts short features from some of your favorite ministers and speakers on our Southern Gospel Channel.  Here is our weekday schedule

12 a.m. Bible Minute from Back to the Bible Canada Dr. John Neufeld
1 a.m. Bible Q & A John MacArthur
2 a.m. Just a Thought Ravi Zacharias
3 a.m. Just a minute Bob Christopher
4 a.m. Family Minute John Fuller
5 a.m. Laugh Again / Good News Broadcasting Association of Canada Phil Callaway
6 a.m. Mission Network News Various reporters
7 a.m. Bible Q & A John MacArthur
8 a.m. Faith Baptist Chuck Beickel
9 a.m. Family Minute John Fuller
10 a.m. Bible Minute from Back to the Bible Canada Dr. John Neufeld
11 a.m. Mission Network News Various reporters
12 p.m. Bibles for the World Various speakers
1 p.m. Bible Q & A John MacArthur
2 p.m. Laugh Again / Good News Broadcasting Association of Canada Phil Callaway
3 p.m. Just a minute Bob Christopher
4 p.m. Family Minute John Fuller
5 p.m. Bible Minute from Back to the Bible Canada Dr. John Neufeld
6 p.m. Mission Network News Various reporters
7 p.m. Bible Q & A John MacArthur
8 p.m. Just a thought Ravi Zacharias
9 p.m. Just a minute Bob Christopher
10 p.m. Laugh Again / Good News Broadcasting Association of Canada Phil Callaway
11 p.m. Ontario Baptist Minute Various speakers

Special Music Programs:

11:04 a.m. Monday: Joy for the Journey

11:01 a.m. Tuesday Gospel Radio Favorites

The message in our music


It’s highly likely that 2020 will not be remembered as one of the world’s most favorite years. The COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest, assaults and the destruction of private property have turned millions of lives upside down. There are a lot of reasons why some will look back on this year as a least-favorite time period.

Gospel music has a special significance this year.  Its main purpose is to honor God.  A nice secondary benefit of Gospel music is it can help distract from the world’s growing violence and help listeners refocus their thoughts on God.

The Taylors - Salvation's songThe new song from The Taylors, House of God, has a clear message for Christians today. Suzanne Taylor Hise said in a recent interview that the song talks about the body of Christ joining in fellowship.  When we pray and gather with other Christians we can lay all of our burdens down and simply worship Him.

“And what I love about this song is it reminds me of a particular verse in the Bible in the Book of Matthew 11:24. It says, ‘Come all ye who are weary and troubled and I will give you rest,’ and I think that’s all that is required of us that we just lay down our burdens,” said Hise as she explained the song.

“Whatever walk of life that we are in, whatever trials we are facing, we are to forget about those. We are to turn them over to Christ and simply worship Him and be able to join in the Body of Christ together with one another,” she said,

Texas Gospel Canada this month is giving special emphasis to songs similar to “House of God.”  We’ve also increased airplay of some older songs like Karen Peck and New River’s “Why Can’t All God’s Children Get Along,” to help listeners refocus on why we’re here.

We hope our music brings comfort to you and your family through the times we’re all living in.

Why do we face trials?

Floyd Rogers, Texas Gospel Canada Volunteer

Why do we face trials throughout life? Why would God create a world full of problems? Those questions assume that God created a flawed universe.  But God didn’t create a universe rife with maladies. Genesis 1 tells us God’s creation wasn’t just good, it was very good. But Genesis 3 describes various pains men and women face because of sin.

The Bible doesn’t give us the details a scientist would like to have so he or she could reproduce the same change in a laboratory.  That’s not it’s purpose. But it seems Genesis clearly tell us that corruption is the result of sin. The trials we face are the result of a creation that has become corrupted through rebellion against God.  We suffer from our own sin and the sins of others.

Consider this: God will set things right one day. If that day is today, then grace ends today and along with it so dies a chance for anyone to repent. Because of this, we suffer while all people are given grace and time to accept Christ. It’s not fair, but not because of something God did.  The world is unfair because people have made it that way through sin that corrupts God’s creation.

What are your thoughts?