When love is called hate

Floyd Rogers

Do Christians hate people who reject the Bible?  This may sound like a strange question, but there are people who would have you believe that Christians hate anyone who doesn’t follow God’s teachings. Is this a fair way to portray all who believe disobeying God’s word is harmful? Could what they see as hate be a sign of something quite the opposite? Think about this as we consider something that has nothing to do with religion.

I know a few health-food nuts. They eat a very restrictive diet and they are convinced that anyone who doesn’t do the same is harming themselves. At times they seem very motivated to warn their friends about what they perceive as self-destructive behavior. If one of them told you that you were putting yourself in danger by eating a cheeseburger, would your first thought be that they must hate you? Would you assume they hate anyone else who consumes junk food? Would it be rational to refer to promoters of healthy eating as a hate group? The point I’m making with this analogy is that warning someone about a hazard is a sign of love, not hate. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about health food or sin.

History has taught us that hate is often disguised as protection.  Governments have hidden their oppressive policies under this banner. Because of this, it’s important to question anyone who asks for help enforcing protective actions. But there is a very important difference between forcing others to be safe and warning others about potential dangers caused by the choices they make. It’s easy for those who are eager to find malice in their opponents to overlook this distinction. It’s also something that can be purposely ignored by anyone motivated to deceive. Consider that some who spend an excessive amount of their time, money and resources trying to convince you that people of faith are hateful, just might be the ones who need to check some of their own hate at the door.

Deception is not a sign of love. Warning others of danger is not a sign of hate.

What are your thoughts?

StowTown Records Celebrates A New Release From Triumphant Quartet


Nashville, TN (February 5, 2021) – StowTown Records has announced the release of a brand new recording from Singing News fan favorite and GMA Dove Award-winning artist Triumphant QuartetBigger Than Sunday features the popular group at its very best, delivering the rich harmonies that have made them a mainstay in the gospel music genre.

Listeners will be delighted by the variety of styles on Bigger Than Sunday. Producers Wayne Haun and Scotty Inman (in his debut as producer) chose to feature several co-producers on this album, and the end result is a cornucopia of fresh sounds. Having worked with many different artists on previous projects, these four co-producers each brought their individual strengths and talents to several different songs on the project. Jason Webb (Amy Grant, TaRanda Greene, Danny Gokey), Joshua Frerichs (TaRanda Greene, Charles Billingsley), Kris Crunk (Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Joseph Habedank) and Chipper Hammond (Bethel), working closely with Haun and Inman, made this an unparalleled recording experience for Triumphant Quartet.

After nearly two decades of singing and traveling together, Triumphant Quartet members David Sutton, Eric Bennett, Clayton Inman and Scotty Inman are music veterans who have achieved great success. They’ve garnered dozens of radio hits and numerous honors and accolades, including the 2019 Dove Award for Southern Gospel Album of the Year for their recording, Yes. “It has been so exciting to see how God has blessed David, Eric, Clayton and Scotty over the years,” states StowTown Records President Landon Beene. “God has honored their faithfulness and their desire to always present the message in song with excellence. It has truly been our privilege at StowTown to have these guys on our roster, and we we are looking forward to even greater things with this latest release.”

Seven of the ten songs recorded were co-written by group member and prolific songwriter, Scotty Inman. Inman’s fingerprint is on the title cut, as well as “Don’t Miss Jesus,” and “He Walked Out,” among others. “Scotty just continues to excel as a writer,” states group co-owner David Sutton. “We are so excited to see God using him in such a great way, and we are blessed to be able to record such inspiring songs that we believe will bless our listeners.”

Bigger Than Sunday also includes remakes of the popular worship songs “Goodness of God” and “Waymaker,” as well as a medley of their fan-favorites: “When The Trumpet Sounds,” “Somebody Died For Me,” “Chain Breaker,” “Amazing God” and “Saved By Grace.” 

With Bigger Than Sunday, Triumphant Quartet delivers a powerful message in times of uncertainty. This recording reaffirms that God is our hope, our provider and our Savior. He’s more than a character in a book, more than someone we acknowledge or pray to one day a week. He is the King of kings, worthy of all praise and definitely Bigger Than Sunday!

Bigger Than Sunday is distributed by Provident/Sony and is available at digital and retail outlets worldwide. 

Bigger Than Sunday Track List:
Best Thing
Bigger Than Sunday
Don’t Miss Jesus
Goodness of God
He Walked Out
Hope Is Holding Me
How Saved I Am
Sing Hallelujah
Way Maker
Triumphant Medley: When the Trumpet Sounds/Somebody Died for Me/Chain Breaker/Amazing God/Saved by Grace

Known acts of vandalism and other crimes against people of faith this week

Known acts of vandalism at Christian churches in North America have been minor this week. These are the ones reported to Texas Gospel Canada:

Fox8tv reports the building belonging to the Church of the Transfiguration in Conemaugh, Pennsylvania had, “a lot of widespread damage,” as well as items related to worship stolen. WJAC TV reports the church has a 100-year history with the local community.

The Burnet Bulletin (Texas, US) reports a $25,000 reward has been offered for information leading to an arrest in the arson of the Mahomet Christian Church and other buildings in the area.

Vandals overturned pews and damaged property at the Oakley Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Missouri, USA according to a report from KRCG Television.

This report includes only acts against Christian congregations known to Texas Gospel Canada. It is not implied that these are the only acts of aggression against the Church and its property this week.

God supplies our needs

Floyd Rogers

The Old Testament tells us how God provided food for His children and the New Testament tells us not to be anxious for food. So why do some Christians starve? The fact that Christians can starve to death could appear to be in conflict with the idea of God providing all our needs.  Do these ideas conflict, or are we overlooking something?

I think it’s easy for non-believers to assume the existence of starving Christians is proof that God fails to provide if they assume that death is the end-game. But if the Bible’s message is true, then death certainly is not the end.  When you consider how long eternity is, I would say death is only the beginning.  When I consider how brief our lifespan is compared to deep time, our suffering here is momentary.  But why does God provide food for some, but not all? The answer seems to lie within the difference between needs and wants.

I believe God’s children in the Old Testament were given food because they needed it to fulfill His purpose for them. But the Book of Luke tells us about the beggar who died in poverty even though he was in God’s will.  It’s no small thing that Luke records that when the beggar died he was carried away by angels to Abraham’s bosom.  His suffering, by the way, was the result of a perfect creation that had become imperfect as a result of sin. I know of no scripture that tells us we will never go hungry, or that we will not starve. The pain and suffering we endure is caused by sin.  It’s not caused by God. It’s not only the result of our sin, but by all sin which caused God’s creation to become corrupt.  We have an appointed time to leave all of this and be with Him.  We have no need to be anxious that we won’t have what we need before that time. God is in control. When a Christian dies, even from things like starvation that exists because of sin, they go to be with our Lord. We do not need to live beyond our appointed time to die, nor should we want to. This world has nothing to offer compared to eternity with God.

I’m certainly open to consider any scripture you feel conflicts with what I’ve written above.  Please leave comments below if you additional scriptural evidence about God supplying our needs.

Michelle Lancaster, wife of Booth Brother’s Paul Lancaster, passes away


The Booth Brothers announced Sunday  that Paul Lancaster’s wife passed away Sunday morning with Paul at her side. 

Michelle Lancaster had bravely battled breast cancer for 3 and a half years. 

A celebration of Michelle’s life will be announced soon.  Please continue to pray for this family.