Special Time for Karen Peck Gooch and her husband, Cancer free and a wedding anniversary


It’s been a special week for Karen Peck Gooch and her husband Rickey Gooch.

Rickey returns to Emory University Hospital every year for tests after battling cancer seven years ago. This year’s check shows he is still cancer free. But this isn’t the only thing they’re celebrating.

Rickey and Karen celebrated 33 years of marriage on Thursday.

Our best to both of them!

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McKamey Legacy carries on tradition on new album


Arden, North Carolina (April 11, 2022) — Like a picture, a well-chosen name for a music group can be worth a thousand words — and to prove the point, one need look no farther than McKamey Legacy.  In its simplicity, the name announces that the great Southern Gospel heritage of The McKameys, one of the music’s most beloved artists, is in the hands of a new generation, committed to honoring that legacy while carrying it forward into the future. And now, both the fidelity and creativity embodied in that commitment is fully revealed with the release of McKamey Legacy’s debut album for Horizon Records â€” the label which served as home to The McKameys for the last half of their decades-long recording career. The self-titled album is now available for pre-save, add or order ahead of its May 27 release. 

Not surprisingly, McKamey Legacy starts off by immersing the listener in the new group’s approach to The McKameys’ voluminous song catalog. Indeed, the very opening notes to the first song, “The Message,” faithfully echo those of the original version, even as the new group recasts it as a female lead that features Connie Fortner, Ruben and Peg McKamey Bean’s daughter. Fittingly, the song is one of many written for The McKameys by Fortner’s sister, Sheryl Farris, as are the next two — “Always” and “I Will Trust You Lord.” Yet McKamey Legacy also serve notice that the trio — Connie, husband Roger and their son, Eli—are not content to recreate the past. Indeed, new songs lie at the heart of McKamey Legacy, with its interior half given over to fresh material, including the first single, “Still” â€” appropriately enough, a brand new song from Farris. The project closes by returning to The McKameys’ songbook with two old favorites, 1991’s “The Rising of the Son” and 1984’s “Dust On The Altar.”  

To those familiar with The McKameys, McKamey Legacy’s simple, sturdy arrangements will sound immediately familiar — as they should, given the many years that Roger and Eli, who are responsible for most of the instrumental work here, spent with the group. Once again, though, a deeper listen reveals that the classic sound is being tastefully and reverently updated for modern ears, with subtle touches that underline McKamey Legacy’s determination to go beyond easy recapitulation. From start to finish, McKamey Legacy is a project that wraps its timeless gospel messages in a powerful blend of old and new.  

“We are so excited about the release of our first project,” the group enthuses. “This project has a blend of old McKamey favorites, as well as a few new songs that have never been recorded before. We hope and pray that each song on this project brings comfort, peace and hope to each and everyone who listens to it, and we pray that every part of it brings glory to God, for He is the one who put this ‘legacy’ together.”

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Lauren Talley begins new era of career with “Shut Him Up”


Arden, North Carolina (April 29, 2022) — It’s been almost exactly two years since Horizon Records’Lauren Talley released her luminous, intimate version of the enduring “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow” â€” a heartfelt response to the uncertainties that gripped the world during the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic — so to call a new single from the acclaimed Southern Gospel singer eagerly awaited scarcely does justice to the impact that “Shut Him Up” is likely to have on audiences more than ready to hear it.

Written by the team of Joseph Habedank and Jimmy Yeary â€” both accomplished songwriters adept at exploring a broad range of styles to find the best setting for a song’s message — “Shut Him Up” announces its perspective on the Resurrection almost before the first word is sung. As a repetitive guitar figure contrasts with a descending riff to create an almost ominous feeling that underlines the song’s contemporary arrangement, Talley begins with the tension between the miracle of Christ’s birth despite the efforts of King Herod, before moving quickly to the bold lyric of the chorus:

“They couldn’t shut Him up
They couldn’t keep Him down
They couldn’t stop what He was born to do
They tried to silence Him
By crucifying Him
They tried to seal Him in a cold, dark tomb
But when it was all said and done
They couldn’t shut Him up”

A second verse brings the message forward with its focus on the stone that was rolled away from His tomb, while a bridge before the final swelling choruses drives the point home:

“From the stable to the Sermon on the Mount
They couldn’t hush Him, couldn’t drown Him out.”

“I’m excited to begin a new era of music with the release of ‘Shut Him Up,’” says Talley. “It’s the first single off my first record as a full-time solo artist. Writers Joseph Habedank and Jimmy Yeary put a clever twist on a familiar story, and producer Gordon Mote helped create a fresh sound that I think fans are going to love. I haven’t had this much fun singing since my teenage years!”

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Jason Crabb Shares Encouraging New Single, “Good Morning Mercy”


NASHVILLE, Tennessee (April 29, 2022) â€“ Two-time GRAMMY®-Award winner Jason Crabb is known for being one of the most encouraging and inspirational voices in Christian music, sharing songs full of hope.

Today, he continues encouraging the listener with the driving, hope-filled, new song, “Good Morning Mercy.” 

Written by Crabb, Jay DeMarcus, Caleb Ward and Jordan Ward, the song reminds the listener that God is always working things out for our good – even the messes we make ourselves.

“I recently conducted a study reporting that people are living with more pressure in their daily lives than ever before – feeling pressure from others and from things they brought on themselves,” shares Crabb.

“When we went in to write this song, we wanted to remind people that God’s got you in all of that. He promises in his word that He will give new mercies every morning. I love the opening line, ‘while I was sleeping, Lord you were working, on the mess I made like only I can do.‘ I mean, who hasn’t been there!? WE ALL HAVE! And, we wanted the song to be fun and joyous, to encourage. It’s definitely a song you can start your day singing, ‘You woke me up, put me on my way. Hallelujah, it’s a brand new day! Good morning mercy!’ I know this song is going to bring you joy.”

“One of the hallmark’s of Jason Crabb’s career has been singing songs and ministering words of hope,” says Jay DeMarcus.

“This song aligns perfectly with what Jason feels his call from God is. Sonically, this song is a powerhouse anthem, that perfectly showcases Jason’s amazing vocal prowess.”

The song is available now on all digital platforms.

Ball Brothers bring Supplies, Gospel Music and prayer to city in Ukraine


The Ball Brothers just returned from a mission trip to Ukraine. They were in the war-torn country April 19-26 after being invited by the pastor of Revival Baptist Church in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. More than 100 refugees are staying at the church.

Their visit was covered by secular media.

The group gave a Gospel concert at the church on Orthodox Easter but they brought more than just music.

“We were able to load up two vans full of food to deliver to displaced Ukranian refugees in Vinnytsia,” said Daniel Ball.

The supplies included canned goods, produce and other foods that do not require refrigeration.

“Thank you so much for your support and your prayers. We have pictures and videos all up on Facebook if you want to see a little bit of what we’ve done,” Ball said.