Brian Free and Assurance #1 on this month’s Texas Gospel Canada’s top 20


The very recognizable tenor voice of Brian Free along with a message that strikes a chord with Southern Gospel listeners has carried Brian Free and Assurance’s latest release Without Jesus to the #1 spot on this month’s Texas Gospel Canada Top 20.  

Without Jesus was co-written by award-winning song writer/singer Joseph Habedank who said in a recent interview, “I’d heard so many people say they don’t know what it would be like to live without Jesus, but had never heard a song written about it…probably one of my favorite songs written with Tony Wood and Devin McGlamery. ”

He went on to say, “This was toward the beginning of Devin’s songwriting career, so he was trying to write with different people, it was just a cool day for us to be able to hang out and come up with such a powerful song.”

By the way, Brian Free & Assurance received a nomination this year for Favorite Trio in the Singing News Fan Awards.

Congratulations to Brian Free & Assurance for taking the top spot in our top 20!

Here is the October Texas Gospel Canada Top 20:

1Without JesusBrian Free and AssuranceDaywind/New Day
2I’ll never get over the blood that I’m underKingdom HeirsSonlite/Crossroads
3God has provided Himself a LambMark Trammell QuartetCrimson Road
4This graceJoseph HabedankDaywind/New Day
5Amazing amounts of amazing graceDown East BoysSonlite/Crossroads
6Between the prayer and the answerLeFevre QuartetNew Day Records
7Fear NotTribute QuartetDaywind/New Day
8His name is JesusTim MenziesNew Day Records
9Learning to dance in the rainJeff & Sheri EasterGaither Music
10I sang myself happyOld Time Preacher’s QuartetFamily Music Group
11After the stormErwinStowTown/Provident-Sony
12Great God AlmightyThe SoundNew Day Records
13I believe the bookLegacy FiveDaywind
14Just a little bit wiserChelsea EstesButler Music Group
15The God I serveKaren Peck and New RiverDaywind
16Grace became amazingGordon MoteNew Haven
17Brand new songSistersIndependent
18King of KingsKingsmenHorizon
19Great changeVoice of TruthIndependent

2020 Singing News Fan Award Categories and winners!

Here’s the rundown of all of the Singing News Fan Awards winners. Thank you to Daywind Records for sending us the list!

Favorite Artist
1 Booth Brothers
2 Collingsworth Family
3 Greater Vision
5 Kingdom Heirs
5 Triumphant Qt winner

Favorite Quartet
1 Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
2 Kingdom Heirs
3 Mark Trammell Qt
4 Tribute Qt
5 Triumphant Qt winner

Favorite Mixed Group
1 Collingsworth Family winner
2 Hoppers
3 Karen Peck & New River
4 Mylon Hayes Family
5 Perrys

Favorite Trio
1 Booth Brothers
2 Brian Free & Assurance
3 Greater Vision winner
4 Jeff & Sheri Easter
5 Whisnants

Favorite Soloist
1 Bishop, Mark
2 Clark, Riley Harrison
3 Habedank, Joseph winner
4 Parker, Ivan
5 Phelps, David

Favorite Young Artist
1 Clark, Autumn Nelon – Nelons
2 Conkle, Trevor – Mark Trammell Qt
3 Gooch, Kari – Karen Peck & New River winner
4 Hayes, Kennedy – Mylon Hayes Family
5 Whisnant, Ethan – Whisnants

Favorite Tenor
1 Allman, Chris – Greater Vision winner
2 Booth, Michael – Booth Brothers
3 Free, Brian – Brian Free & Assurance
4 Haase, Ernie – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
5 Sutton, David – Triumphant Qt

Favorite Lead
1 Booth, Ronnie – Booth Brothers winner
2 Brady, Jim – Jim & Melissa Brady
3 Griffin, Rodney – Greater Vision
4 Inman, Clayton – Triumphant Qt
5 Rice, Arthur – Kingdom Heirs

Favorite Baritone
1 Harris, Loren – Kingdom Heirs
2 Inman, Scotty – Triumphant Qt
3 Lancaster, Paul – Booth Brothers
4 Singletary, Josh – Tribute Qt
5 Trammell, Mark – Mark Tammell Qt winner

Favorite Bass
1 Barker, Pat – Guardians
2 Bennett, Eric – Triumphant Qt winner
3 Byrd, Randy – Mark Trammell Qt
4 Chapman, Jeff – Kingdom Heirs
5 Fouch, Matt – Legacy Five

Favorite Soprano
1 Blair, Brooklyn – Collingsworth Family
2 Brady, Melissa – Jim & Melissa Brady
3 Erwin, Katie – Erwins
4 Gooch, Karen Peck – Karen Peck & New River
5 Hopper, Kim – Hoppers winner

Favorite Alto
1 Easter, Sheri – Jeff & Sheri Easter
2 Hopper, Connie – Hoppers winner
3 Metz, Courtney – Collingsworth Family
4 Stuffle, Libbi – Perrys
5 Whisnant, Susan – Whisnants

Favorite Musician
1 Collingsworth, Kim – Collingsworth Family winner
2 Mote, Gordon – Soloist
3 Stringfield, Andy – Kingdom Heirs
4 Townsend, Josh – Legacy Five
5 Wolfe, Gerald – Greater Vision

Favorite Band
1 Dixie Echoes
2 Gaither Vocal Band
3 Isaacs
4 Kingdom Heirs winner
5 Primitives

Favorite Songwriter
1 Black, Lee
2 Griffin, Rodney winner
3 Habedank, Joseph
4 Inman, Scotty
5 Wilkinson, Dianne

Favorite Album
1 Everything In Between – Kingdom Heirs
2 Pure Love – Legacy Five
3 Victory Shout – Kingsmen
4 Yes – Triumphant Qt winner
5 You’ve Arrived – Greater Vision

Favorite Song
1 Come Sunday Morning – The Old Paths
2 Going There – Triumphant Qt winner
3 Shame On Me – Joseph Habedank
4 The Healer Hasn’t Lost His Touch – Tribute Qt
5 What Kind Of Man – Legacy Five

Favorite New Artist
1 3 Heath Brothers winner
2 Jordan Family Band
3 Kramers
4 Sunday Drive
5 The Sound

Favorite Radio Station
1 KWFC – Springfield, MO
2 WBTG – Sheffield, AL
3 WHQA – Piedmont, SC
4 WJBZ – Knoxville, TN winner
5 WXRI – Winston-Salem, NC

New song from The Erwins playing now before CD is released

Today we added another first radio single from a yet-to-be-released Erwins project. The new album will release in November. You can hear it on Texas Gospel Canada before it is available at the store.

This song will be familiar to many of you. It’s message is timeless and one we need to hear often. Jesus. 

Listen for the new song Nobody by the Erwins starting today (Sept. 16) On Texas Gospel Canada.

Gospel concert to benefit Christian Counselling Ottawa

A virtual concert featuring the Triumphant Quartet & The Collingsworth Family is set for this month. Proceeds will benefit Christian Counselling Ottawa.

The online event is set for Tuesday, September 15th at 7 p.m. Eastern.

Promotors promise, “An intimate evening of music and more with two of the most popular Gospel groups in North America.”

For more information visit

Do you pretend to know someone else’s heart?


There are two words I’ve heard Christians and non-Christians alike use to start sentences during an argument. The two-word preface may carry more implications than some would like to admit.  The words are: “You want…”

In the heat of argument one may say, “You want to cause trouble…” or “You want to seem smart…” sort of poisoning the well, if you wish, as they portray their opponent as someone with a malicious motive rather than someone with whom they disagree.

Consider, 1 Samuel tells us, “The Lord does not see as man sees; for the man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Corinthians in the New Testament tells us, “…who knows a person’s thoughts except their own spirit.” There are other scriptures that seem to say God alone is capable of knowing someone’s true motivation.

It may be comforting to believe that the only way someone could disagree with us about important matters is if they have some nefarious incentive. But given that we can only guess what goes on within someone else’s heart, should we really speak as if we have the ability to do so? Too, shouldn’t we ask God to make sure we understand our own motives before casting judgement on others?

What are your thoughts?