Christians in Ukraine continue to pray, praise and worship


VIDEO: Christians in Ukraine today continue to worship God in spite of lives lost to war and the widespread damaged the war has caused to their country.

Occasionally we post videos we find on the net that we think are uplifting and worthy of sharing. This one is produced and owned by International Christian Concern. We do not have an association with them. This is a link to the organization’s YouTube video and is not hosted on our server. We present it here only because we think it has a needed message today.

According to the website of International Christian Concern, the organization exists to relieve the suffering of the worldwide persecuted church and help it grow in strength and breadth. ICC accomplishes its mission through effective assistance, advocacy and awareness with integrity toward God and our donors.

How often do you impart God’s word?

Floyd Rogers

What does it mean to “impart” God’s word? You might think it means to give; as in, I give you something to own, and I no longer have any claim to it. But that’s not what impart means in most of its Biblical usage.  The word impart has implications and Paul’s use of the word demonstrates them. The concept of imparting God’s word is something to be considered when taken in context of Biblical usage.

When you say you will impart something, you imply that the something being imparted is of significance. It also means that it is not something one person relinquishes completely but shares with the receiver.  

Paul is recorded in Romans as saying he longed to impart a spiritual gift.  In 1 Thessalonians he said he and fellow missionaries imparted not only the Gospel, but their own souls.  Consider, they didn’t give way their souls, they shared their souls (themselves, who they are) and the Gospel with the Church in Thessalonica.  

There are secular Bible teachers who teach students about the Bible, the words in its pages, and how this book has affected world events.  But this is quite different than imparting; or sharing God’s Word with others. The former remains unmoved by the Word. For them it’s a cognitive exercise. But those who impart God’s word change and grow with others.

Do you talk to others about the Gospel, or go farther and impart your faith?

Reported crimes against the church in North America this week 1/1/2022


This is a list of this week’s reported crimes against Christian congregations and church property in North America. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list. These are only those that have come to our attention through media reports.

MONDAY, DEC. 27, 2021

Police in St. Albans, West Virginia have arrested two men for felony destruction of property and grand larceny after

TUESDAY, DEC 28, 2021

Police in Fort Smith, Ark. have arrested a man accused of causing between $20,000 and $50,000 in damage to the Evangel Temple in Forts Smith. KNWA/KFTA reports surveillance video led to the arrest of James Leon Garner, 39. A motive for the vandalism has not been announced.

WEDNESDAY, DEC. 29, 2021

Officers arrested a Henderson, North Carolina man, 40, this week for vandalism at a church. Police say Kane Kelley. The motive behind the vandalism at the Ebenezer Church is not clear as the graffiti is Illegible. Fox Carolina posted photos of some of the graffiti. ABC13 reports the act was caught on surveillance video.

Police in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are looking for the person or persons who caused an estimated $11,000 in damage as they ransacked a church. 6 Action News reports the damage was discovered at the Emmanuel United Methodist Church. Burglary is believed to be the motive

THURSDAY, DEC 30, 2021

Police In the state of New Jersey have responded three times in the past month to vandalism at the Mary, Mother of God Church in the city of Hillsborough. reports the vandal or vandals have defaced Christmas decorations, knocked over statues and stole a few items.

FRIDAY, Dec 31, 2021 (New Year’s Eve)

No Report – Holiday schedule

Is the Genesis flood account plagiarized?

Floyd Rogers

Let’s consider some universal things.  For example, everyone eats. When ancient people learned how to write, they recorded stories about every part of life including stories about people eating. Wouldn’t it be ridiculous to conclude that whomever was the first to make a written record of people eating must have invented eating? Is this rather absurd assumption any different than the presupposition made by those who claim the flood account originated with an author that pre-dates Genesis.

Other cultures may have written down flood stories that pre-date our oldest copies of Genesis, but this only indicates they were the first to write it down.  After all, Genesis records a flood that happened when the earliest humans walked the earth, possibly before anyone had written language. Isn’t it interesting that cultures from the Mesopotamians to the Mayans have written stories of a great flood? It’s what you would expect to find the flood were an oral tradition handed down to all descendants no matter how far apart they eventually settled.

What are your thoughts?

New song from The Erwins playing now before CD is released

Today we added another first radio single from a yet-to-be-released Erwins project. The new album will release in November. You can hear it on Texas Gospel Canada before it is available at the store.

This song will be familiar to many of you. It’s message is timeless and one we need to hear often. Jesus. 

Listen for the new song Nobody by the Erwins starting today (Sept. 16) On Texas Gospel Canada.