Is the Genesis flood account plagiarized?

Floyd Rogers

Let’s consider some universal things.  For example, everyone eats. When ancient people learned how to write, they recorded stories about every part of life including stories about people eating. Wouldn’t it be ridiculous to conclude that whomever was the first to make a written record of people eating must have invented eating? Is this rather absurd assumption any different than the presupposition made by those who claim the flood account originated with an author that pre-dates Genesis.

Other cultures may have written down flood stories that pre-date our oldest copies of Genesis, but this only indicates they were the first to write it down.  After all, Genesis records a flood that happened when the earliest humans walked the earth, possibly before anyone had written language. Isn’t it interesting that cultures from the Mesopotamians to the Mayans have written stories of a great flood? It’s what you would expect to find the flood were an oral tradition handed down to all descendants no matter how far apart they eventually settled.

What are your thoughts?

Church News weekend report

Jeff Turner

Reports of vandalism and acts of aggression against the Church in North America have been light this week.

A project to rebuild a church building destroyed by arson in British Columbia may be complete as early as June.  The rebuild of Murray Church in Merritt has been slowed because of COVID-19 restrictions. The man accused of intentionally setting fire to the structure and two other houses of worship is awaiting trial. The court has issued a publication band on any specifics of the case.

Three statues at the Holy Rosary Church in Woodland, California were vandalized this week.  No property was taken, and the motive – if any -behind the vandalism is not known. The Holy Rosary Church has been part of the Woodland community for more than 150 years.

A vandal or vandals set fire to a shrine in Ludlow, Massachusetts on Friday.  A spokesperson for Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Ludlow said damage was limited to an arch over a statue of Mary.

A Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue has been restored at St. Patrick Cathedral in El Paso, TX after a year’s work to repair $25,000 in damage caused by vandal. The Police last year charged Isiah Cantrell, 31, with vandalism and drug possession shortly after the crime.

That’s a look at crimes against the church in North America this week

Criminals trash Kentucky church building


Investigators with the Powell County, Kentucky sheriff’s office are investigating thousands of dollars in damage caused by criminals who ransacked a church building.

A sheriff’s office spokesperson said someone overturned pews, smashed holes in the walls and caused extensive damage to the South Fork Church of God building. The spokesperson described walking into the damaged sanctuary as, “devastating.” 

The vandal or vandals’ motive is not known.

Texas Gospel Canada publishes reported acts of aggression against congregations in North America. An on-air weekly report is broadcast every Monday on our Southern Gospel stream.

(Powell County Sheriff’s Office)

Known acts of vandalism and other crimes against people of faith this week

Known acts of vandalism at Christian churches in North America have been minor this week. These are the ones reported to Texas Gospel Canada:

Fox8tv reports the building belonging to the Church of the Transfiguration in Conemaugh, Pennsylvania had, “a lot of widespread damage,” as well as items related to worship stolen. WJAC TV reports the church has a 100-year history with the local community.

The Burnet Bulletin (Texas, US) reports a $25,000 reward has been offered for information leading to an arrest in the arson of the Mahomet Christian Church and other buildings in the area.

Vandals overturned pews and damaged property at the Oakley Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Missouri, USA according to a report from KRCG Television.

This report includes only acts against Christian congregations known to Texas Gospel Canada. It is not implied that these are the only acts of aggression against the Church and its property this week.

Preachers who fail affirm God’s word

Floyd Rogers

It’s common to see those who oppose our faith post articles about preachers caught doing something wrong. These kinds of stories make up the majority of posts on some atheist websites. But while non-believers consider them proof the Bible is false, I see them as affirmation of God’s word.

For one, they affirm God’s warning against false prophets.  And a minister does not need to be a false prophet to sin.  Roman’s makes it clear that all have sinned, even preachers.  

Consider King David got a woman pregnant and had her husband killed to cover up his guilt. Yet two times the scripture calls him a man after God’s own heart. Not because of his sin, but because he sought to please God even though he had major failures.

Our failures may be mocked, but they are not proof that God’s word is false. They affirm its warnings and they should never keep us from turning back to God.