Texas Gospel Canada to be blocked from U.S. listeners on Jan.12


The online audio of TexasGospel.org will be geoblocked from U.S. listeners beginning Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019.  This is the result of a demand made by music license holders within the United States.

Texas Gospel Canada is a Torontocast stream.  It is fully licensed by SOCAN to play music online in Canada.  Licensing entities within the U.S. have requested that Torontocast either geo-block the U.S. or purchase a U.S. music streaming license. The cost involved, which is several times that of our streaming costs within Canada, make it cost prohibitive.

Texas Gospel Canada began broadcasting in late 2017. Some basic guidelines for programming have been in place since the beginning; one of which is to never to ask for donations or broadcast commercials.  The reasoning behind this is simple.  We want to avoid any impression that the volunteers and operators of the station are motivated by anything other than spreading the Gospel.

If you know of a good Southern Gospel station streaming within in the U.S., feel free to post the web address on our facebook page or on the bottom of TexasGospel.org for U.S. listeners.

To be clear, Texas Gospel Canada is NOT going off the air, but listeners in the U.S. will no longer be able to hear our station after January 12.


Update: Texas Gospel is not moving, but changes are on the way

This is an update to our previous message concerning listeners in the United States.

Our web service provider has issued a clarification.  Torontocast is not ceasing operations, but is making preparations to block access to our station for listeners in the United States.  While we have enjoyed having friends listen in from the U.S., the decision is out of our hands.  The programming of Texas Gospel Canada is broadcast through a server in Canada and is intended for Canadian listeners.  We have been assured that no listener in Canada will lose ability to hear our station.

Again, this is what we have been told: Our station will be geoblocked; that is, technology will be put in place that prevents people within the US from listening.  This will NOT affect our Country Gospel station from being heard because it is hosted by a different provider who is not currently in negotiations with music license holders in the US.  This does not guarantee that this will not happen to them in the future.

This change is not the result of a decision made by TexasGospel.org. This is the result of negotiations between our web stream provider and entities in the U.S.  Too, the operator and volunteers of TexasGospel.Org are not taking sides on this issue.  These types of things are normal for contract negotiations.  We hope a suitable solution will be reached by both sides that will allow U.S. listeners to once again hear our station.

The cutoff for U.S. listeners should happen early to mid-January.  We invite those in the U.S. to sample our Country Gospel station (Click here) after that date.

If you know of a U.S. station streaming Southern Gospel Music that you would like to share on our Facebook page for others to find, feel free.  We are not in competition with other ministries.  We serve the same Lord.

Texas Gospel Canada may move soon

Texas Gospel Canada
Our humble Texas Gospel Canada studio

Texas Gospel Canada on Tuesday was notified by our stream hosting company that it may close its operation due to a contract dispute with music licensing entities in the United States.  While our programming is broadcast from a server in Canada and is intended for Canadian audiences, it is our understanding that companies in the U.S. have made complaints based on the international nature of the Internet.

Texas Gospel Canada is currently investigating alternative companies to host our radio stream, and this may require us to have a new audio link; meaning, bookmarks and some apps may quit working.

We will let you know more as soon as we learn more.

Thank you for being a listener of the best Southern and Country Gospel Music on Texas Gospel Canada!

Arizona church vandalized for third time this year

Police in Tucson, Arizona, USA are investigating the third of three acts of vandalism at a Baptist church building this year.

The congregation of the Tucson Baptist Church spent hours cleaning up the mess left by the latest criminal attack.  The damage was discovered Friday, Nov. 2, 2018.

The motive of the vandals has not been announced.

“Maybe because we’re a church people see us as an easy target,” the pastor said. “The fact is as a church we’re here to help those in the community, we love the community, we love serving the community,” said Pastor Brent Armstrong to KVOA television.

The church used its Facebook page to thank local law enforcement for its effort in finding the person responsible. The post says, “It was a long day at our church! We thank the Tucson Police Department midtown ops for their investigation which took most of the day. We thank the news stations for their interest in covering our story. We are also grateful for an amazing staff that worked tirelessly to clean up a disgusting mess and set back in order our classrooms for Sunday.”

The church was vandalized in March 2018 and again in May 2018.

Seattle, Washington officers make arrest after arson attack during church service

Police in Seattle, Washington say they have arrested the man who threw incendiary devices at a church filled with at least 100 worshipers.

Miles Stanstad is charged with attempted arson and assault in connection with the attack. Stanstad is accused of throwing Molotov cocktails at Iglesia Ni Cristo on Oct. 18. His arrest came shortly after surveillance images were released by the Seattle, Washington police department.

A probable cause affidavit says Stanstad also threw two Molotov cocktails at a church employee, but the employee was not injured. An Associated Press report published by US News says prosecutors requested an increase in bail from $500,000 to $750,000 because Stanstad is considered a flight risk.

“We were relieved when we found out the suspect had been apprehended,” district minister Barrington Thompson told King5 Television. “And we thank the Seattle Police Department for the great work they did. And we’re happy of course that he’s off the streets now, so he can’t do any more damage,” he told the TV station.


Seattle arsonist tosses incendiary devices during Thursday-night service

The sound of worship and praise music at a Seattle, Washington church was abruptly interrupted by an arsonist who threw Molotov cocktails at the building shortly after the opening hymn.

The attack happened around 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 18, at the Iglesia ni Cristo church about a half-hour after the service began.   Seattle Fire Department spokeswoman Kristin Tinsley told The Seattle Times there were multiple hand-held incendiary devices used in the attack. Tinsley told the paper the improvised firebombs were lit bottles of an unknown liquid.

King5 Television reports none of the estimated 50 people who were inside the sanctuary were injured by the criminal’s actions.  The fire was put out by congregation members before the fire department arrived.

A news release issued by the Seattle, Washington Police Department says, “Seattle Police Arson/Bomb Squad detectives have taken over the investigation and are working with witnesses to develop a suspect description.

Officials have not yet determined a motive for the act of violence against the congregation.


Motive behind California church arson unknown

A spokesperson for the Eureka, California Police Department Wednesday morning said a fire at a Catholic Church building has been ruled arson.

Investigators released a photo they say shows the person behind the September 10 attack at St. Bernard’s Church. The identity of the man in the photo remains a mystery as of 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

A police department news release says damage caused by the arsonist is minor.  A motive for the arson is unknown.

The police spokesperson asked anyone with information about the fire to call Officer Dalby at 707-441-4060.