How often do you impart God’s word?

Floyd Rogers

What does it mean to “impart” God’s word? You might think it means to give; as in, I give you something to own, and I no longer have any claim to it. But that’s not what impart means in most of its Biblical usage.  The word impart has implications and Paul’s use of the word demonstrates them. The concept of imparting God’s word is something to be considered when taken in context of Biblical usage.

When you say you will impart something, you imply that the something being imparted is of significance. It also means that it is not something one person relinquishes completely but shares with the receiver.  

Paul is recorded in Romans as saying he longed to impart a spiritual gift.  In 1 Thessalonians he said he and fellow missionaries imparted not only the Gospel, but their own souls.  Consider, they didn’t give way their souls, they shared their souls (themselves, who they are) and the Gospel with the Church in Thessalonica.  

There are secular Bible teachers who teach students about the Bible, the words in its pages, and how this book has affected world events.  But this is quite different than imparting; or sharing God’s Word with others. The former remains unmoved by the Word. For them it’s a cognitive exercise. But those who impart God’s word change and grow with others.

Do you talk to others about the Gospel, or go farther and impart your faith?

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