Why does God allow persecution?

Floyd Rogers

Questioning persecution is nothing new. It’s something Christians have done since the earliest recorded times. But this isn’t something unique to God’s children, it’s a reaction seen in most humans.

Consider how the citizens of Ukraine acted after their country was invaded by Russia early in 2022.  Ukraine, a country that had its share of divisions suddenly became united. Adversity can unify an invaded nation. It can also unify us as a persecuted church.  Similarly, just as the world’s view of Ukraine changed as we watched the way its citizens responded to an invasion, the way we respond to anti-Christian jabs can also change the way others view followers of Jesus. 

Paul spoke about persecution in 1 Thessalonians. He records how onlookers in Thessalonica saw his response to persecution as evidence he wasn’t there for personal gain.  Persecution made his witness stronger.

I’m not implying that persecution is always God’s will, or that it’s wrong to ask God for deliverance from persecution. I am saying when we ask, we should follow Jesus’ example and follow with: Nevertheless, Thy will be done. There just may be reasons far beyond what we’ve considered. What are your thoughts?

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