US congregation targeted with repeat acts of criminal vandalism

Police in Pennsylvania are reaching out to the public for help finding whomever is responsible for repeated burglaries and vandalism at a house of worship.

“We are once again reaching out to anyone that may have information on the person/persons responsible for the ongoing Break In’s, Criminal Mischief and Vandalism at St. Joe’s Church. This senseless desecration of Church Property so close to the Christmas Holiday is devastating to the Priest and Parishioners. Please help us and the Diocese by contacting the Derry Borough Police Dept with ANY information you can provide that will assist us in stopping this,” says a post on the Derry Borough Police Department Facebook page.

There have been two attacks against the church this week in which statues were overturned, chairs in the sanctuary were damaged and a fire extinguisher was sprayed throughout the second floor.  A church representative told Texas Gospel Canada there have been at least five break-ins since Halloween.

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