The message in our music


It’s highly likely that 2020 will not be remembered as one of the world’s most favorite years. The COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest, assaults and the destruction of private property have turned millions of lives upside down. There are a lot of reasons why some will look back on this year as a least-favorite time period.

Gospel music has a special significance this year.  Its main purpose is to honor God.  A nice secondary benefit of Gospel music is it can help distract from the world’s growing violence and help listeners refocus their thoughts on God.

The Taylors - Salvation's songThe new song from The Taylors, House of God, has a clear message for Christians today. Suzanne Taylor Hise said in a recent interview that the song talks about the body of Christ joining in fellowship.  When we pray and gather with other Christians we can lay all of our burdens down and simply worship Him.

“And what I love about this song is it reminds me of a particular verse in the Bible in the Book of Matthew 11:24. It says, ‘Come all ye who are weary and troubled and I will give you rest,’ and I think that’s all that is required of us that we just lay down our burdens,” said Hise as she explained the song.

“Whatever walk of life that we are in, whatever trials we are facing, we are to forget about those. We are to turn them over to Christ and simply worship Him and be able to join in the Body of Christ together with one another,” she said,

Texas Gospel Canada this month is giving special emphasis to songs similar to “House of God.”  We’ve also increased airplay of some older songs like Karen Peck and New River’s “Why Can’t All God’s Children Get Along,” to help listeners refocus on why we’re here.

We hope our music brings comfort to you and your family through the times we’re all living in.

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