Why do we face trials?

Floyd Rogers, Texas Gospel Canada Volunteer

Why do we face trials throughout life? Why would God create a world full of problems? Those questions assume that God created a flawed universe.  But God didn’t create a universe rife with maladies. Genesis 1 tells us God’s creation wasn’t just good, it was very good. But Genesis 3 describes various pains men and women face because of sin.

The Bible doesn’t give us the details a scientist would like to have so he or she could reproduce the same change in a laboratory.  That’s not it’s purpose. But it seems Genesis clearly tell us that corruption is the result of sin. The trials we face are the result of a creation that has become corrupted through rebellion against God.  We suffer from our own sin and the sins of others.

Consider this: God will set things right one day. If that day is today, then grace ends today and along with it so dies a chance for anyone to repent. Because of this, we suffer while all people are given grace and time to accept Christ. It’s not fair, but not because of something God did.  The world is unfair because people have made it that way through sin that corrupts God’s creation.

What are your thoughts?

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