Do you unintentionally share your faith like a scribe or Pharisee?

I’ve talked to people who have very complex ideas about God.  Some of those same people even claim that others who do not understand all of the details of their complex ideas are not really Christians, or at least heretics. Some of their conclusions may be sound deductions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their conclusions are correct.  Even faith is a gift, not something that springs from our own ability so that anyone can boast.

Consider, some inferences people make from the Bible are so complex that the average person would have difficulty understanding them, let alone someone with less-than-average intelligence or a mental disability.  That’s not an insult to anyone; people have different abilities. If salvation were dependent on one’s intelligence or ability to decipher complex issues, would it be fair?  If that were true, wouldn’t that make salvation more of a prize than a gift?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think it’s fair to set a standard for being a “real Christian” that includes agreeing with a complex inference made from the Bible, especially one that excludes anyone with less than exceptional intelligence.

At some point demanding others to agree with a rigid inference made from scripture sounds a lot like that described in 2 Timothy where we are reminded to avoid quarreling over words, saying it only leads listeners to ruin. Around the 16th verse it says to avoid irreverent, empty chatter, which leads to more ungodliness 

Do the things that you post online serve only to undermine the faith of others or make you appear to be just as smart as the scribes and Pharisees?

What are your thoughts?


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