Not all faith is Christian faith

Have you ever heard someone claim there is no God?

While some who are against our faith will stipulate that they are simply not convinced there is a God, I have talked to people who claim emphatically that there is no God. You can even go on Amazon and buy T-shirts and coffee mugs that say, “There is no God.”

Oddly enough, many who make that claim also say they reject anything based on faith.  Now, that’s an odd combination.  Science hasn’t proven there is no God, I know of no peer reviewed study that has demonstrated God’s absence, yet there are some who believe God is a myth.

Saying “there is no God,” is a statement of faith because it is a belief that cannot be proven. Christians have Biblical faith; that is, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. To believe in God or to believe there is no God takes faith. One big difference between the two is the Bible tells us Christian faith is a Gift from God.

From where does your faith come?

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