New song of encouragement from Cana’s Voice

Jeff Turner

A new song sent to radio stations this morning by Cana’s Voice speaks to those times when, for whatever reason, life feels hopeless and we are tempted to give up instead of persevering in prayer.

“At Midnight” is a song of encouragement written by veteran song writers Jeff Bumgardener, Laura Blankenship and Wayne Haun.  “At Midnight” comes from the Cana’s Voice project Don’t Wanna Miss This. Wayne said he hopes the song’s message helps some to hang on through these challenging times.

The members of Cana’s Voice are known for their solo work. Jody McBayer, TaRanda Green and Doug Anderson. Together, their voices blend for the unique sound heard in the single.

Listen for “At Midnight” along with your favorite Southern Gospel songs throughout the day on Texas Gospel Canada!

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