Texas man guilty of arson and criminal mischief in attack on Presbyterian church

mug shotA Fort Worth, Texas man is sentenced to 40 years in prison for the January arson of a church building.

According to CBS Local in the Dallas Fort Worth area, Thomas Britton went on a rampage at St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church in Fort Worth causing nearly $800,000 in damage.  This week he was found guilty of arson and criminal mischief.

“This was not just criminal mischief. This was historic criminal mischief,” said prosecutor Vincent Giardino to the Fort Worth Business Press. “The police officers on the scene that morning, and even his own defense attorney, said they’d never seen anything like it. His goal was not just to damage this church, but to obliterate it. And he has no remorse for it.”

The trial begin Tuesday in before Judge Robb Catalano Tarrant County’s Criminal District 3.   Jurors deliberated for less than 10 minutes Thursday before reaching a guilty verdict.

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