California woman breaks into Baptist church, rips Bibles, burns 10-foot cross

Mug SHotA California woman faces a possible hate crime charge after she broke into a Baptist church, ripped Bibles and hymnals, and burned a 10-foot cross in the sanctuary.

Rio Vista Police say Danielle Ricafrente, 23, caused significant damage to the building of the Union Baptist Church Monday night. CBS 13 reports she was arrested on suspicion of burglary, arson of a church, felony vandalism and hate crimes against a church.

A report from The Sacramento Bee says Ricafrente also damaged musical instruments in the building.

Church Deacon Roger Benz told KCRA television He’s disappointed, willing to forgive.

The Rio Vista police department issued the following news release:



At around 9:15AM June 13, 2018, Rio Vista Police Officers responded to the Baptist Church on Sierra Drive regarding a vandalism that occurred to the interior of the Chapel. Significant damage was done to the interior of the Chapel area and a large cross behind the altar was set on fire. This crime possibly occurred between 8PM and midnight on June 12, 2018.

Rio Vista Police working with the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives developed a person of interest early in the investigation. Physical evidence has tied the person of interest to the crime scene along with video from a neighbor. Arrested for burglary, arson of a Church, felony vandalism and hate crimes against a Church was Danielle Ricafrente, age 23 of Rio Vista. Ricafrente was transported and booked into the Solano County Jail. The case will be reviewed by the US Attorney for possible federal charges.

RVPD would like to thank our federal partners for their assistance in this investigation.

Dan Dailey, Chief of Police


4 thoughts on “California woman breaks into Baptist church, rips Bibles, burns 10-foot cross

    1. Only that it is an article of interest to some atheists. Many post articles about crimes against people possibly because of their stand on religion. For example, do a google search of atheists clubs with adopt a highway signs that get vandalized. As with many of those cases, we do not yet know this woman’s motive.


      1. Based on my quick search, she has a history of mental illness and has been arrested before for vandalism.

        In this case, she wanted to join in on a teen bible study and was rebuffed. (Likely due to her age)


      2. It may or may not be. We do not know yet. The police have not said. Often in these cases they never say a motive, but in this case she faces possible hate crimes charges. Mental illness is not always the cause of a crime of those who are mentally ill, it depends on from what illness she suffers.


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