The Kingsmen’s “Church Of The Great I Am” goes No. 1 on SGN Scoops chart

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Arden, North Carolina (July 21, 2022) — The Kingsmen’s “Church Of The Great I Am” from their album, More To The Story, is No. 1 on this month’s SGN Scoops chart.

“We are thrilled that listeners are still loving our musical after 65 years and it’s because of them that we are celebrating this No. 1 song,” says the Kingsmen’s Chris Jenkins. “We don’t take this honor lightly because so many of our friends are releasing great music these days. We want to especially thank Billy Blackwood, Kenna Turner West, and Jason Cox for trusting us with your song. You’re a huge part of the Kingsmen ministry.”

“Church Of The Great I Am” talks about the community found in faith, saying, “I’m part of the church of the great I am / Washed in the blood of the risen lamb / With a home that’s waiting in the promised land / I’m part of the church of the great I am / Part of the church of the great I am.”

It’s the third song from More To The Story — an album that’s classic, powerful, and filled with the gospel spirit — to be in the top 5 of the SGN Scoops chart, following “When The Old, Old Story Was New” and “These Are The Days.”

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The story behind The Guardian’s latest release Not for Long


The Guardians new song Not for Long would never have been recorded if two top Southern Gospel songwriters had not been stricken with COVID-19.

“I got a phone call from Karen Peck and it just so happened we both had COVID. She was coming out of it and I was in the middle of it. And we started to talk that day and it was in the beginning of the shutdown and everything that was going on. Everybody felt uncertain. Everybody felt like they just didn’t know what was coming,” said songwriter John Darin Rowsey.

He said Karen said she knew this was just a season, something that would pass, and she thought there was a song in there somewhere.

“While we were both sick and coughing, we started working on that song. Got together with Sue Smith and we finished in Nashville,” said John.

The Guardians visited David on Monday morning. Here is audio from the interview:

Not For Long is on the group’s Come On In project. It is set for releases on July 29, 2022, but it’s already released to radio.

The 3 Heath Brothers’ Into The Deep brings fresh sounds to a timeless message

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Arden, North Carolina (July 15, 2022) — Since the late 2019 release of their Horizon Records debut, Who We Are, the 3 Heath Brothers — Nicholas and twins Clayton and Christian — won a coveted Favorite New Artist award in 2020’s Singing News Fan Awards, joined labelmates, the Kingdom Heirs, on their 2021 single, “A Good Day Coming On,” and released their own highly-anticipated single, “It Ain’t Over Yet” at the beginning of 2022. Now, the 3 Heath Brothers release more new music with their full-length follow-up, Into The Deepout now.

With producer Roger Talley on board once again, the collection places the Brothers’ youthful energy, sibling harmonies and appreciation for contemporary sounds in the service of the same truths that have inspired generations of Southern Gospel artists before them. The approach is announced right from the album’s first notes, as a swirling opening leads into the boldly modern feel that underpins the album’s title and cover theme:

I’m diving in, into the water
I’m swimming out, farther and farther
Where Jesus is calling me into the deep
Now I’m going in with Jesus
I’m going in all the way

From there to the closing number, an anthemic reminder that “Jesus Is Coming Back,” Into The Deep offers a set that speaks to the Brothers’ generation with an emphasis on bold, fresh sounds, new songs — including one written by the Brothers, another written by Nicholas himself, and two more from Nicholas, labelmate Kenna Turner West and Jason Cox — and lyrics that offer the eternal Gospel of hope, encouragement, worship and faith in contemporary language. Indeed, underlining the forward-looking nature of the Brothers’ approach, only two of the eleven songs — John Peterson’s “Oh Glorious Love” and “Love Won,” both coming via The Talleys — have been previously recorded.  

“Some of these songs are serious and some are fun,” note the Brothers. “Whether you are young or old, we hope that this record encourages your heart, gives you hope for the future, and inspires you to pursue a deeper relationship with God. We wrote five of these songs, but we don’t create music to make a name for ourselves. We do what we do because we truly believe that at the end of the day, ‘it’s not about us…it’s all about Jesus.'” 

With a ministry that speaks with special clarity to an urgent task for today — reaching out to youth with the Word of Jesus in the musical terms they can best relate to — the 3 Heath Brothers have delivered a set that will both meet the needs of the moment and stand the test of time.  

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The numbers are in… The Lore Family’s I Bring You Jesus is our #1 this month

David Ingram

A song co-written by Marcia Henry, Rachel McCutcheon and Darren W. Lore is this month’s #1 on the Texas Gospel Canada Top 30 songs. I Bring You Jesus by The Lore Family is our July Chart Topper!

The Texas Gospel Canada Top 30 comes from a direct monthly audit of every song played on our Southern Gospel stream during the preceding month and our list is submitted to The Singing News and Southern Gospel Scoops.

I Bring You Jesus was popular even before it was chosen for the Lore Family’s project The World Needs a Song.

“Folks immediately respond. I did a generic poll on social media. I asked what song really connected with those who had heard our project. ‘I Bring You Jesus’ was the top song!” said Darren Lore.

You’ll hear the song in our fast rotation throughout July.


1 I Bring You Jesus – Lore Family – Horizon/Crossroads
2 The Well – Fields Of Grace – Independent
3 Children Sing – Nelons – Daywind/New Day
4 Shut Him Up – Lauren Talley – Horizon/Crossroads
5 Still Standing After The Storm – Mark Trammell Quartet – Crimson Road
6 The Church Of The Great I Am – Kingsmen – Horizon/Crossroads
7 Out Of Harm’s Way – Williamsons – Family Music Group
8 Looks Like Jesus – Brian Free & Assurance – Daywind/New Day
9 The God Of Gideon – Foresters – Independent
10 Let Us Pray – Paid In Full – StowTown/Provident-Sony
11 Enough For Me – Legacy Five – StowTown/Provident-Sony
12 I can’t wait – Sacred Harmony – Dream Big Promotions
13 Water under the bridge – Cami Schrock – Heritage
14 All I Got, All I Need – Wisecarvers – Skyland/Crossroads
15 Homeland – Justified Quartet – Big Picture Records/New Day
16 Grace And Goodness – Sunday Drive – StowTown/Provident-Sony
17 Answer Is Jesus – Karen Peck & New River – Daywind/New Day
18 Long Live Old Time Religion – Old Time Preachers Quartet – Family Music Group
19 What You Could Never Get Over – Kingdom Heirs – Sonlite/Crossroads
20 An Old Abandoned Church – Kristy Cox – Billy Blue Records
21 Give Him What You Got – Isaacs – House of Isaacs/New Day
22 I Have God To Thank For Everything – Inspirations – Horizon/Crossroads
23 Faith Wins – Phillips Family – Independent
24 Opening Soon – Big Mo – Independent
25 Come Home Kind Of God – Endless Highway – Skyland/Crossroads
26 Leavin’ On My Mind – Kim Hopper – Daywind/New Day
27 Your Sins Are Forgiven – Down East Boys – Sonlite/Crossroads
28 I’ve Come Too Far – Browders – Dream Big Music
29 Breathe In, Breathe Out – Guardians – StowTown/Provident-Sony
30 Good God Almighty – The Old Paths – Sonlite/Crossroads

Happenings in Southern Gospel this week, 1/23/2022:


Happy birthday this week to Bradley Littlejohn of Paid in Full!

This week the Perrys announced Jamie Streetman has joined the group just before their recording of a project they hope to release mid-year.

Due to, “unforeseen circumstances,” 11th Hour has canceled a concert set for February 2nd and 3rd.  The cancelation has opened up the dates on the group’s available concert schedule.

Texas Gospel Canada is saddened to report the passing of Angel Borden, wife of former Gold City bass guitarist Adam Borden.

The Erwins had unforeseen issues come up leading to cancellation of set concerts January 21 & 23.

The Isaacs canceled concerts planed for Jan 21 & 22 due to weather conditions.

Happy 27th Anniversary to Scott and Rachel of  The Kramers!

McKamey Legacy this week announced the group has signed a contract with Horizon Records and will release a new song on February 4!

Tonja Rose had to move a concert originally scheduled for Jan 23 to the following weekend due to weather conditions.

Sunday Drive’s next release is set for January 28. The single is titled Grace & Goodness.