When love is called hate

Floyd Rogers

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There are people today who confuse love and hate.  The idea of confusing the two may seem odd, but bias and prejudice lead to this kind of confusion and it’s something we see happening more often as society strays away from God’s word. Let’s consider an example.

When a doctor tells a patient that they risk lung cancer if they smoke, or heart attack if they overeat, it’s generally understood that telling a patient these things is an act of concern for the patient. But isn’t it interesting when a Christian tells someone they risk eternal separation from God if they engage in something forbidden in God’s word, it’s often portrayed as an act of hate? The doctor and the preacher are both warning people about the harmful effects of their actions. But since some sins have not only become accepted by society, and even praised by modern society, there are those who will project hate onto anyone who speaks out against them. 

Let me say that another way. Some people so firmly believe that specific sins are a good thing, they conclude that hate is the only reason you would want them to avoid it.  Their belief is so strong, it blinds them to their own intolerance, even to the point that the see an act of love as an act of hate.

Could this be the god of this age blinding the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel?

What are your thoughts?

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