Do Christians lose their individuality?


It’s not uncommon for those opposed to our faith to present stories of individual Christians doing bad things as evidence that there is something malicious about a belief in God. It’s interesting that while they cite wars and other wrongdoings that history tells us were carried out by individuals who claim to be Christians, it’s also not uncommon for anti-theists to reject the idea that atheism must be equally bad given that some atheist leaders have started wars and done malicious things. They excuse such actions by saying atheists are individuals who make their own decisions. Well, is religion the only reason a Christian could have for choosing to do evil? Is it true that only atheists are capable of individual decisions?

Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Christians lose their ability to disobey God and do wrong. In fact, there are plenty of scriptures about repenting when we do something that goes against God’s will. It’s also true that church office in ancient times was a requirement for political office creating a temptation for evil people to falsely claim to have faith. The political power also presents a temptation for those with true faith to take their eyes off God.

Given that atheist and believers have done evil, and that there is no evidence that anything, but an individual’s bad choice is to blame when he or she does bad things, why do so many resort to this argument to “prove” some malice among believers?

What are your thoughts?

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