‘Born for This’ is a song of encouragement

Kenna Turner West is a co-writer of “Born for This.”  It’s the latest song from New Legacy.  Kenna approached StowTown records about adding the song to New Legacy’s project asking that they listen closely to the message of the lyrics. The StowTown folks did, and quickly added it to the collection of songs picked for release.

StowTown Records’s Kim Pennington said in an email to Texas Gospel Canada that after listening to “Born for This,” she realized it has a relevant message; one that would encourage listeners to take steps of faith in troubled times.

“If there ever was a time in which we need to make sure we’re fulfilling the purpose for which we were born, it is now,” she said.

Here’s the group’s website link if you would like to learn more about New Legacy.

“Born for This” debuts on Texas Gospel Canada today (June 16.)

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