Is Christianity responsible for the sins of all religions people?

Religion is man’s attempt to understand God.  Science is man’s attempt to understand His creation. The two disciplines are not mutually exclusive.

 Anti-theists often argue that Christianity is corrupt because it is a religion, and some religions teach violence. I’m talking about those who say religion causes evil. This is clearly a composition fallacy; that is, inferring that something is true of the whole from the fact that it is true of some part of the whole.  It is the same as lumping science into a category with all other attempts to understand the physical world. Scientists should not be strapped with all the baggage of non-scientists who have made claims about the universe. And yes, there have been terrible things done by some who seek to understand the physical world. Consider those who say they know some cure for cancer and encouraged people with symptoms to avoid the doctor. Those people may have developed their “cure” through some non-scientific effort to understand the physical world, but they are not scientists and it’s wrong to lump scientists into a group with them simply because both try to understand the universe. That is the same kind of composition fallacy committed by the anti-theists who lump Christians into the same group with all others who seek to know God.

 By the way, it would be wrong to call everyone involved in science a malefactor because individual scientists have used their understanding for bad things. It would also be wrong to judge all scientists because individual scientists have been mistaken about one or more of the basics of their field resulting in harm. A misguided scientist and minister who misunderstands the basics of what Jesus taught are individuals. There is no logic in judging all Christians or all scientists by the actions of either one of these people. People are individuals.  

 Have unfair judgments lobbed at Christianity prevented you from seeking God?

 What are your thoughts?

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