Inferences based on the Bible are not scripture

Why do so many in what’s been called the ‘new atheist movement’ promote the myth that science and faith are in conflict? How can the two contradict when one deals with man’s relationship with God and the other deals with understanding God’s creation?

Proponents of the alleged conflict idea quite often point to data that contradicts inferences made from scripture. This comes up so often, I think it’s something we as Christians need to consider when we share our faith.

I need to be very clear about two things.  An inference about science based on scripture is not the same as scripture.  Presenting it as such serves only to push people away from God when they think they have to choose between the inference and science.  Secondly, I am not suggesting we should change our faith in God based on scientific data. I have yet to see any lab experiment that has proven anything about God, only about His creation.

Every Christian should ask his or herself this important question:  When you begin a sentence with “The Bible says…,” do you finish the sentence with scripture every time, or are you guilty of ending it with something based on God’s word, but not actually God’s word?

What are your thoughts?

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