Leader of Houston atheist group resigns amid sexual harassment claims

A Houston, Texas secularist group this week announced its leader has resigned following an incident of sexual harassment.

A statement posted to the website of Houston Oasis states, “Mike Aus submitted his resignation as Executive Director of Houston Oasis. The Board of Directors has accepted his resignation. On Saturday June 9th, the Board of Directors became aware of an incident of sexual harassment by Mike Aus from a member of the Houston Oasis community.” You can read the entire statement here.

The group’s website says Houston Oasis is a community that meets weekly to enjoy fascinating talks, live music, and friendship among non-religious people in the greater Houston area.


It is not the position of Texas Gospel that incidents such as this are evidence of a moral flaw among atheists.  To claim this would be to make the same hasty generalization often made by non-believers about Christians.  Every person has free will.  Unfortunately, some individuals choose to use their free will for acts such as is alleged in this case.

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