Arrests made, donations help congregations following arson, vandalism and theft


Arson, anti-Christian graffiti and smashed windows sparked about a dozen non-related church vandalism investigations in the past week in Canada and the US.  Two arrests have been made in one of the recent cases, two more in an incident from last year.

Two teens were taken in custody for damaging the building of the Assumption Roman Catholic Church in Grand Falls NB. The congregation has been meeting at another location since the damage was done. Police Chief Suzanne Themens told The Victoria Star, “The investigation is continuing and they have no charges….. laid yet in court, but that will come in the future.”

Two arrests in the US came as part of an investigation into a June 7 incident in Houma, Louisiana. Multiple fires were set at the First Assembly of God church building and a computer was stolen. “God is dead,” and other anti-Christian messages were painted on the sanctuary entrance.   Houma Today reports two teens have been arrested for the church vandalism.  They are also charged with vandalism to other buildings in the city.

A Jonesborough, Tennessee church has new vans purchased with donations from sympathetic community members.  Enon Baptist Church received $25,000 in donations to replace three vans that were destroyed by vandals.  The criminals spray painted inverted crosses on the vehicles after rendering them unusable. News Channel 11 reports four teens were arrested in this case.

No arrests have been reported by police in other vandalism cases previously reported by Texas Gospel Canada.

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