Ball Brothers bring Supplies, Gospel Music and prayer to city in Ukraine


The Ball Brothers just returned from a mission trip to Ukraine. They were in the war-torn country April 19-26 after being invited by the pastor of Revival Baptist Church in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. More than 100 refugees are staying at the church.

Their visit was covered by secular media.

The group gave a Gospel concert at the church on Orthodox Easter but they brought more than just music.

“We were able to load up two vans full of food to deliver to displaced Ukranian refugees in Vinnytsia,” said Daniel Ball.

The supplies included canned goods, produce and other foods that do not require refrigeration.

“Thank you so much for your support and your prayers. We have pictures and videos all up on Facebook if you want to see a little bit of what we’ve done,” Ball said.

Christians in Ukraine continue to pray, praise and worship


VIDEO: Christians in Ukraine today continue to worship God in spite of lives lost to war and the widespread damaged the war has caused to their country.

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