StowTown Records Signs Sunday Drive to Roster of Artists


Nashville, TN (January 4, 2022) – StowTown Records is excited to announce the signing of Sunday Drive, a multi-award winning group composed of Jeff Treece and his wife, Misty, and brother, Dusty. They are no strangers to gospel music and come to the label with a wealth of industry experience, including numerous radio hits. As a featured artist at the Dollywood Theme Park in Pigeon Forge, TN, they sing to several thousand fans each year.

StowTown co-founder and industry veteran, Ernie Haase, shared his enthusiasm about the addition of Sunday Drive to their stellar roster of artists, “When we started StowTown Records over 10 years ago, it was always about making music and helping friends make their music known. Sunday Drive fits our mission statement perfectly. I’ve known Jeff Treece for many years, and I have always been drawn to his musical talents. With his wife Misty on vocals, I’m blown away by their new sound and direction. The sky is the limit! We are honored to have them on the StowTown label and cannot wait for you to experience Sunday Drive!”

Their first StowTown project, Breaking Boundaries, is produced by multi-Dove award winning producer, Wayne Haun, and is slated for a Spring 2022 release. The new recording includes nine original songs by some of gospel music’s most prolific songwriters, including two songs co-written by Jeff Treece. Looking toward a bright future with StowTown, Jeff shared his excitement about the new collaboration, “Misty, Dusty and I are beyond excited about our new partnership with StowTown Records. There are moments in life when God’s perfect will is confirmed by his perfect timing, and this is one of those instances. He has ordered every step, and we are thrilled for everyone to hear this new project. Through the pens of the amazingly gifted songwriters and Wayne Haun’s extraordinary producing and arranging, we look forward to sharing this new season for Sunday Drive.”

The first radio single from Breaking Boundaries, “Grace & Goodness,” was released today, and will be available on all digital platforms on January 28, 2022, via Provident/Sony.

Sunday Drive’s remake of ‘Born Again’ marks a significant landmark for Jeff Treece


Childhood memories and a significant milestone for Sunday Drive’s Jeff Treece are some of the reasons the group decided to re-release a popular song from four decades ago.

“The older I get the more I reminisce about the good old days,” said Treece as he told the story about bringing back the 1979 song Born Again.

“One of the biggest years in my life was 1979. In 1979 I started two journeys. As a child I gave my heart to my Lord and Savior and I started playing the piano for my family group called Cedar Ridge,” he said.

Cedar Ridge formed in the early 60’s.  Jeff continued with the family group through the 90’s.  Their last project (or at least the last one in the Texas Gospel library) is Still Blessed, released in 1996. That recording was made made 17 years after very young Jeff Treece began playing piano for Cedar Ridge and learning what it means to be a part of a long-lived gospel group.

“I was young and not very good on the piano, but mom and dad let me grow into the position.”

This is where Born Again came into play as gospel music began to make significant changes in Treece’s life.

“It (Born Again) really touched my heart because I had just been born again. I would sit at the piano and sing as loud as I could _I’m so glad that I’ve been born again_! When we were recording the “A Million Miles” record I realized I had been saved for 40 years and I asked Misty if she would bring back the old hit.”

Jeff said they have received correspondence from people thanking them for re-recording the classic song.  Listen for Born Again throughout the broadcast day on Texas Gospel Canada!