Gerald Wolf speaks about singing for small crowds


Sunday night was a little different for Greater Vision. Gerald Wolfe explained with a post on Facebook Sunday evening.

“Tonight, we sang to the smallest crowd we’ve had in probably twenty years. It was a real blessing to see how The Lord used the evening, and the songs, to minister to those who were there. Afterward, I was encouraged again the comments I heard in the hallway. Once again, like many times before, I was reminded… Ministry is not about the “number,” it’s about the individual… The one God puts you in front of, at the right time, to share the word, or the song, they need to hear, to let them know God hasn’t forgotten them, and He has a purpose for them… and for you… and for me.”

Greater Vision’s Jon Epley is now a Kentucky Colonel!


Greater Vision’s Jon Epley, who was born and raised in Kentucky, was recently awarded a high honor from the Commonwealth. He said it was something he didn’t know was coming.

“A friend of mine had submitted my name to be a Kentucky Colonel. And I received the certificate the other day, and that was a really neat honor,” explained Epley.

Kentucky Colonels are appointed by the Governor of Kentucky, though the first Kentucky Colonel commission was granted to John Bowman by Governor Patrick Henry, Jr. of the Colony of Virginia. He was appointed to oversee creation of a government in Kentucky County on December 21, 1776 according to The Kentucky Colonelcy website.

The designation of Kentucky Colonel is a bit of a family tradition (that’s our description) for the Epley family. Jon’s grandfather was also an honorary Kentucky Colonel.

Listen for the latest song with Colonel Epley and the rest of Greater Vision “You Are My King” on Texas Gospel Canada.

Greater Vision in studio this week


Greater Vision has been in the studio this week working on orchestrations for a forthcoming project. It’s a Trey Ivey arrangement.

Little is known about the final project, but we know they got the brass section recorded earlier.

We’ll look forward to a new project down the road from Greater Vision.

Listen for the group’s latest release, “You Are My King,” on Texas Gospel Canada!

Jon Epley celebrates five year with Greater Vision

(Photo: Rodney Griffin and Jon Epley courtesy Daywind Records)


Greater Vision’s Jon Epley is celebrating five years with the group. Jon is from Fordsville, KY. He began singing with his family when he was 2-years-old. Through the years he’s been with multiple Gospel Music groups and landed with Greater Vision in 2017.

“They say time flies when you’re having fun, and I know that’s true because I’ve had a lot of fun here and five years has flown by,” said Jon.

Jon said it all began with a text message from Gerald Wolfe on a sunday night asking for him to come to Gerald’s house to sing through some songs with him, Chris and Rodney, Gerald wanted to see how it sounded.

Jon recalled the days before he knew if he would become part of Greater Vision.

“Then he said, ‘what are you doing Wednesday? and I said ‘well, I can take the day off.’ And he said do that because if it goes good Tuesday night, we’ll go into the studio on Wednesday and record a new album,” said Jon.

Things went well and Jon went on to have that first recording date in the studio as they laid down the tracks for the group’s Still album.

Jon and his wife, Tiffany, reside in Johnson City, Tennessee, where they are members of Piney Flats First Baptist Church.

Listen for Jon’s voice on Greater Vision’s latest release You Are My King on Texas Gospel Canada!

Greater Vision celebrates 30-year anniversary of first album release


Brian Mulroney was prime minister; Canadian Forces were participating in the Persian Gulf War and the Hubble Telescope was launched the same year Greater Vision released its first project. The group launched with Chris Allman, Gerald Wolfe and Mark Trammell.

Greater Vision made its first appearance in December 1990, but this month marks the 30th anniversary of their first album release. The producers were aiming for what they saw as a classic Southern Gospel sound.

“Greater Vision was born out of the Cathedral Quartet,” said Chris in an on-air interview with Texas Gospel’s David Ingram.

“Gerald Wolfe was with the Cathedrals for 2 years and Mark Trammel was with them for ten.  They along with myself started the group,” he said.

Founding member Gerald still serves as Pianist and Emcee for their shows today. Multi-Award-winning Songwriter, Rodney Griffin, sings Lead and Chris Allman sings Tenor.  The newest member is Jon Epley. He sings Baritone. 

Greater Vision has something special for collectors: A limited commemorative edition double LP on vinyl.  The Greater Vision Facebook page Thursday announced the vinyl release of “On a Journey” to celebrate the 30-year landmark.