Greater Vision celebrates 30-year anniversary of first album release


Brian Mulroney was prime minister; Canadian Forces were participating in the Persian Gulf War and the Hubble Telescope was launched the same year Greater Vision released its first project. The group launched with Chris Allman, Gerald Wolfe and Mark Trammell.

Greater Vision made its first appearance in December 1990, but this month marks the 30th anniversary of their first album release. The producers were aiming for what they saw as a classic Southern Gospel sound.

“Greater Vision was born out of the Cathedral Quartet,” said Chris in an on-air interview with Texas Gospel’s David Ingram.

“Gerald Wolfe was with the Cathedrals for 2 years and Mark Trammel was with them for ten.  They along with myself started the group,” he said.

Founding member Gerald still serves as Pianist and Emcee for their shows today. Multi-Award-winning Songwriter, Rodney Griffin, sings Lead and Chris Allman sings Tenor.  The newest member is Jon Epley. He sings Baritone. 

Greater Vision has something special for collectors: A limited commemorative edition double LP on vinyl.  The Greater Vision Facebook page Thursday announced the vinyl release of “On a Journey” to celebrate the 30-year landmark.

Something big for Greater Vision?

What could it Be?

Greater Vision is keeping fans in suspense, at least for a few days, as they plan a big announcement.

The group recently posted to facebook, “We’ve been keeping a secret, but we’re going to “spill the beans” on Tuesday December 15th. Set a reminder for yourself, to be sure you don’t miss it. If you’re not on our Email Update list, sign up to be sure you get a personal announcement… or, you can check back here on the 15th!

We’re not sure what to expect, but pretty sure it’s good news.

We’ll be watching!