Heaven’s Mountain Band Announces Retirement


Nashville, TN (April 26, 2023) The multi-award-winning bluegrass gospel band, Heaven’s Mountain Band, has announced their retirement after 37 years of ministry. This comes after the unexpected passing of beloved group matriarch, Deborah Johnson.

Roger Johnson states, “Rodney and I have prayed and we feel it is time to retire the group. I will continue writing music as long as the Lord gives me songs to write! We’d like to thank everyone for the years on the road, for buying our music, and praying for us. Please continue to lift us up in prayer. This retirement is effective immediately.”

Heaven’s Moutain Band has established themselves as one of the top groups in bluegrass gospel today! Career highlights include 10 consecutive Singing News #1 songs, multi-Diamond Award winner and Singing News Fan Award nominee. They were blessed to perform at some of the most prestigious venues, such as Dollywood, Hominy Valley and Shadow Valley, but their heart was ministering in local churches across America.

Les Butler, FMG label owner and HMB fan states, “I personally believe the impact that HMB had on fans of REAL traditional Bluegrass Gospel Music will resonate for generations to come. The comments we’ve gotten at the office, as well as in person over the years, from music buyers and church members have been overwhelming. HMB was not your normal bluegrass gospel band. They were much more and much deeper than that. The retirement of the Primitive QT and HMB is leaving a cavernous hole; one that I’m not sure will ever be filled.”

Butler continues, “On a personal level, I simply don’t have the words for what the Johnson family has meant to me, my family, and FMG. My, how we will miss being with Debbie, Roger, Rodney Johnson, and all of HMB! This is truly a sad day for me.”

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