Karen Peck-Gooch credits Pastor’s sermon as inspiration behind new release


The newest release from Karen Peck and New River is The Keepers. It’s the latest release from album 2:22 and gets its inspiration from a sermon that made an impression on Karen. She said the song springs from a message delivered by Pastor Calvin Ray Evans.

Karen says the sermon spoke of, “…the people who are always doing things for others but never expecting anything back”

She went on to say, “I was so blessed by this sermon that I took it to Mitch Wong and Tony Wood, and I was explaining to them about the sermon.” 

The talented writers agreed it would make a great song and put pen in hand.

”I’m very passionate about this song and I really pray that this will be a great encouragement to so many people,” said Karen.

The song is released on the heels of Answer is Jesus.  It comes from the same album and quickly climbed to the top 10 of the Texas Gospel Canada’s monthly top song list following its release earlier this year.

Listen for The Keepers throughout the day on Texas Gospel Canada!

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