Another Gospel Music honor for Janet Paschal

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Singer-songwriter Janet Paschal will soon be inducted into The North Carolina Music Hall Of Fame.

A press release from the museum lists some of her accomplishments. She’s a Gospel vocalist, author, and songwriter known for recordings such as “Written In Red”, “I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel”, and ”Born Again.” The museum describes her as one of the most soulfully versatile voices in Christian music.

Janet has earned multiple Dove Awards, Singing News Fan Awards, and Grammy nominations, and performed with Rev. Billy Graham, Bill & Gloria Gaither, President George Bush, and others.

Among the memorabilia that Janet is contributing to the museum, a performance dress and a key to the city of Reidsville.

Janet will cut the ribbon for her new museum exhibit on induction day this fall. Our congratulations to Janet Paschal on this honor!

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