The numbers are in… The Lore Family’s I Bring You Jesus is our #1 this month

David Ingram

A song co-written by Marcia Henry, Rachel McCutcheon and Darren W. Lore is this month’s #1 on the Texas Gospel Canada Top 30 songs. I Bring You Jesus by The Lore Family is our July Chart Topper!

The Texas Gospel Canada Top 30 comes from a direct monthly audit of every song played on our Southern Gospel stream during the preceding month and our list is submitted to The Singing News and Southern Gospel Scoops.

I Bring You Jesus was popular even before it was chosen for the Lore Family’s project The World Needs a Song.

“Folks immediately respond. I did a generic poll on social media. I asked what song really connected with those who had heard our project. ‘I Bring You Jesus’ was the top song!” said Darren Lore.

You’ll hear the song in our fast rotation throughout July.


1 I Bring You Jesus – Lore Family – Horizon/Crossroads
2 The Well – Fields Of Grace – Independent
3 Children Sing – Nelons – Daywind/New Day
4 Shut Him Up – Lauren Talley – Horizon/Crossroads
5 Still Standing After The Storm – Mark Trammell Quartet – Crimson Road
6 The Church Of The Great I Am – Kingsmen – Horizon/Crossroads
7 Out Of Harm’s Way – Williamsons – Family Music Group
8 Looks Like Jesus – Brian Free & Assurance – Daywind/New Day
9 The God Of Gideon – Foresters – Independent
10 Let Us Pray – Paid In Full – StowTown/Provident-Sony
11 Enough For Me – Legacy Five – StowTown/Provident-Sony
12 I can’t wait – Sacred Harmony – Dream Big Promotions
13 Water under the bridge – Cami Schrock – Heritage
14 All I Got, All I Need – Wisecarvers – Skyland/Crossroads
15 Homeland – Justified Quartet – Big Picture Records/New Day
16 Grace And Goodness – Sunday Drive – StowTown/Provident-Sony
17 Answer Is Jesus – Karen Peck & New River – Daywind/New Day
18 Long Live Old Time Religion – Old Time Preachers Quartet – Family Music Group
19 What You Could Never Get Over – Kingdom Heirs – Sonlite/Crossroads
20 An Old Abandoned Church – Kristy Cox – Billy Blue Records
21 Give Him What You Got – Isaacs – House of Isaacs/New Day
22 I Have God To Thank For Everything – Inspirations – Horizon/Crossroads
23 Faith Wins – Phillips Family – Independent
24 Opening Soon – Big Mo – Independent
25 Come Home Kind Of God – Endless Highway – Skyland/Crossroads
26 Leavin’ On My Mind – Kim Hopper – Daywind/New Day
27 Your Sins Are Forgiven – Down East Boys – Sonlite/Crossroads
28 I’ve Come Too Far – Browders – Dream Big Music
29 Breathe In, Breathe Out – Guardians – StowTown/Provident-Sony
30 Good God Almighty – The Old Paths – Sonlite/Crossroads

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