Greater Vision’s Jon Epley is now a Kentucky Colonel!


Greater Vision’s Jon Epley, who was born and raised in Kentucky, was recently awarded a high honor from the Commonwealth. He said it was something he didn’t know was coming.

“A friend of mine had submitted my name to be a Kentucky Colonel. And I received the certificate the other day, and that was a really neat honor,” explained Epley.

Kentucky Colonels are appointed by the Governor of Kentucky, though the first Kentucky Colonel commission was granted to John Bowman by Governor Patrick Henry, Jr. of the Colony of Virginia. He was appointed to oversee creation of a government in Kentucky County on December 21, 1776 according to The Kentucky Colonelcy website.

The designation of Kentucky Colonel is a bit of a family tradition (that’s our description) for the Epley family. Jon’s grandfather was also an honorary Kentucky Colonel.

Listen for the latest song with Colonel Epley and the rest of Greater Vision “You Are My King” on Texas Gospel Canada.

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