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Above Everything from the Williamsons, is the debut album for the REAL Southern Gospel Record label. The project features 14 new songs from top writers in Southern Gospel music, such as Kyla Rowland, Gerald Crabb, and Dave Clark.

Above Everything was produced by Les Butler and features Nashville’s top, award-winning players, Johnny Brown, Brent Mason, Milton Smith, Kris Krunk, Matt Butler, Andy Leftwich, and the late Robb Tripp! Fayetteville Community Church Choir is also featured, led by Wesley Pritchard.


Read It Again: [LISA WILLIAMSON] Lisa Williamson is a great songwriter who deserves more credit than she receives. This song is just 1 example of that. Containing the entire message of the gospel, this song says that if we ever need to be reminded of who God is and what He can do in our lives, just go back to the old black book, and read it again! This song was a fantastic choice to be the first single. Well done, Williamsons!

In The Precious Blood of The Lamb: [DARYL K. WILLIAMS] Southern gospel and quartet 101, this song is right down my alley! The only hope we will ever have for eternal salvation is in the blood of Christ and this song reassures the Christian of that fact! “Where the blood is found, every sin has drowned”, wow what a lyric!

Out Of Harm’s Way: [KYLA ROWLAND] This is a classic Kyla Rowland song. What more needs to be said? But honestly, the message in this song, and all of her compositions, will never get old. We’ve all had those times when things weren’t going our way and God impressed someone to lift our name to Heaven’s throne room. I’m so very thankful for that. I had the chance to see them sing this in concert, and the crowd ate it up! Good songs will never die.

Above Everything: [LISA WILLIAMSON] This song is pertinent for every child of God. You may not have the platform of the greatest preachers and speakers; you may not travel up and down the gospel highway in a quartet bus. You may not even teach a Sunday school class, but the calling for every Christian is to be faithful to God and what He wants in your life. Colossians 3: 23-24 – “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.”

You Made the Mountain: [LISA WILLIAMSON] Are you standing at the bottom looking up to a mountain in your life right now? You might be praying for God to remove it out of your way and cast it into the sea. But it might be that He wants to strengthen you for something down the road. His ways are not our human ways and that’s hard to comprehend sometimes. This song tells us to just go ahead and start climbing! Who are we to ask God to change His grand design? Go ahead and trust Him and He’ll see you through every time!

Jesus Leading His Children Home: [GERALD CRABB] I’m a HUGE fan of the Hinsons and the more country sound of gospel music. When this song kicked off and the sounds of the steel guitar came in, I stopped dead in my tracks. We all have a longing to go to our eternal home, that’s really not a debate among Christians. Just imagine all that will happen when He calls us away that day: family reunions with our loved ones, the redeemed millions joining in song, seeing our blessed Savior face to face for the first time, seeing all the splendors of Heaven. I’m having a spell right now just thinking about it! What a day that will be when Jesus leads all of His children home!

What A Privilege: [KRISTI FITZWATER/LEE BLACK] “What a privilege is ours to go before the Lord in prayer”. Think about this: we, as children of God, have direct access to the one who created everything we see and don’t see. The one who gave His life for a sorry sinner like myself, and the very God who was, is, and is to come! Who are we to deserve that right? I certainly don’t and I’m sure you’d agree. This song is a humbling but assuring song. Whatever your need, bring it to Him.

The King Eternal: [LISA WILLIAMSON] History has shown us the rise of many empires: the Romans, Russians, Spanish empire, and many more. But one thing they all have in common, and you read it in every history book, they ONCE ruled. Kingdoms come and go like yesterday’s lunch, and we don’t think anything of it. But there is one kingdom, one ruler, and one King who is eternal, forever, always. He has never left, He has not lost His power, and He is ever interceding at the Father’s right-hand side for us. This song is really a song to brag on our King and I just love it.

Take That Mountain By Faith: [NATHAN WOODARD/KENNA TURNER WEST] This groovy song has a similar message to “You Made The Mountain”. You may be climbing up a steep mountain in your life, and God has assured us that He will never leave us, but He never promised that it would be easy, or we wouldn’t have to fight. I think back to a song Johnny Cook sang with the Goodmans, “I may lose a battle now and then, but I’ve already won the war”. When God makes a promise, you can take it to the bank and go ahead and start claiming the victory!

Greater Than the Pain: [WILLIAM CARROLL COOK/JENIFER B. MCCALLISTER] Many have tried but failed to completely explain how hard it was for Jesus to be offered on the cross. From the plucking of His beard, the spear in His side, nails in His feet and hands, to the emotional pain from the rejection of His disciples, we will never be able to describe the pain that took place on Calvary. But this song assures us, and I’m so thankful for it, that His love for me and for you overcame the pain and the agony He faced. He loved us so much to give His perfect, sinless life for me, a dirty, rotten, unholy mess. Who great the Father’s love for us!

Message To the World: [LISA WILLIAMSON] Here’s another great upbeat song that simply says, “GO”! We have the cure for anything and everything that ails our world today. How selfish would it be if we kept it to ourselves? Go out and tell the greatest message to this lost and dying world!

The Story: [DAVE CLARK] This song reminds me of the Gold City song, “If Church Pews Could Shout”. If objects like the road Jesus walked on, the temple where He preached, and the cross He was crucified on could speak, how amazing would their accounts be! Having experienced The King of all eternity, the Ancient of Days, and God in human flesh would be astonishing. But the song says that it really doesn’t matter how the story is told or how many times we hear it. The story of His glory and majesty will never get old and we will worship Him for eternity when we reach our final home.

Caught Away: [JANICE CROW] Songs about the rapture and going home never get old. After all, it is the main hope of the Christian life. This song simply says, when He calls us out of here, nothing will be able to hold, detain, hinder, or contain us from bidding farewell to this old world and going to gain our Heavenly mansion! By the shape our society is in, I don’t think it will be very long. Will I see you in the middle of the air leaving out of here?

One More: [RACHEL MCCUTCHEON/ADINA BOWMAN] I don’t know and neither do you how many people are saved and washed in Calvary’s blood. The family of God can stretch from sky to sky. But like the old hymn of the church, there is still room at the cross for you. God has not lost his power to save old sinners and He can still save one more. It’s my prayer that if you don’t know Him today, you become that “one more” the Williamsons are singing about. It’s never too late to believe!

Listen for songs from the Williamson’s new project on Texas Gospel Canada!

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