UPDATE: Randy Byrd leaving the Mark Trammell Quartet

UPDATE: The Mark Trammell Quartet has announced the resignation of bass vocalist Randy Byrd. Randy is dealing with some health issues which will require further testing. He also is scheduled for surgery in the next few weeks.

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The Mark Trammell Quartet shared the following on social media:

Today is a bittersweet day in the life of our ministry. Randy Byrd is one of the best friends I have. Period. Not just a fellow worker of this ministry, but a dear friend. As many of you know, he has been; and is still, undergoing testing in Oklahoma for some unresolved non-cancerous health issues that have been causing him trouble and pain since last November. He is scheduled to have surgery in the next few weeks as well. His inability to travel is compounded by he, and both of his parents, having Covid. Both parents are having a difficult time with it. As he mentioned earlier this week, his heart is still here on the bus but it seems wisdom is telling him that his path to good health will cause him to have to stay at home, along with helping his family during this critical time.
Randy Byrd, I’ve never traveled with a more loyal, dedicated man. You’ve honored us and honored our Lord with the utmost dignity and dedication. I’m personally proud to call you friend and brother. I am praying God’s best for you in the months ahead. To say that you will be missed is an understatement. Get well, and meet me at the golf course!

We Love you,

The boys on the bus

5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Randy Byrd leaving the Mark Trammell Quartet

  1. I was just in the hospital with severe sepsis. When I came home I was still very sick and confused most of the time. “Your Walk Talks” project helped me focus and start the recovery process. The words are powerful and true. It is still one of my favorites. Thank you for helping me in my recovery and God bless your quartet. Joyce E Jones


    1. I’m trying to find out how Randy Byrd is. We knew him when he sang with majesty here in Iowa. We know he was having health issues and have not heard anything since he left mark Tramel.


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