Listen for new music from The Lore Family


The Lore family has released a new song fresh off success the group has had with “The World Needs a Song.”

Texas Gospel Canada has added “I bring you Jesus” to the music lineup. The song is co-written by Marcia Henry, Rachel McCutcheon and Darren W. Lore. It’s a song the group often sings at the beginning of a concert.

“Folks immediately respond. I did a generic poll on social media. I asked what song really connected with those who had heard our project. ‘I Bring You Jesus’ was the top song!” said Darren Lore.

“My daughter Fayth sings the verses. My wife Sandy sings the choruses. We know this straight-forward, traditional, Southern-Gospel song has the touch of God on it. Thank you so much for adding this song to your airplay. I know if given spins, it will catch on quickly. A few weeks ago, I had a random phone call from a DJ (Rich Bruce/VA) who found ‘I Bring You Jesus’. He was ecstatic about the song. I trust the same will happen to you and your listeners.”

Listen for “I bring you Jesus” along with your favorite Southern Gospel Music this week on Texas Gospel Canada!

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