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Daily audio update from Mission Network News

3/25/2022 Bibles arrive as China locks down – China (MNN) — A shipment of Bibles and Christian books reaches believers in China amid harsh coronavirus lockdowns. [Read More]

3/25/2022 U.N. chief warns members not to forget the MENA – Middle East/North Africa (MNN) — Will Ukraine take priority over crises in the Middle East and North Africa? See our full coverage of the Ukraine crisis here. [Read More]

3/24/2022 Ukraine refugee influx overwhelms Eastern Europe – Ukraine (MNN) — Russian advances may have slowed, but the Ukraine crisis is far from over. [Read More]

3/24/2022 WMP sends booklets to Ukrainian refugees – Poland (MNN) — Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sent a wave of refugees out into Europe. Most have crossed the Polish border. [Read More]

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