Preachers who fail affirm God’s word

Floyd Rogers

It’s common to see those who oppose our faith post articles about preachers caught doing something wrong. These kinds of stories make up the majority of posts on some atheist websites. But while non-believers consider them proof the Bible is false, I see them as affirmation of God’s word.

For one, they affirm God’s warning against false prophets.  And a minister does not need to be a false prophet to sin.  Roman’s makes it clear that all have sinned, even preachers.  

Consider King David got a woman pregnant and had her husband killed to cover up his guilt. Yet two times the scripture calls him a man after God’s own heart. Not because of his sin, but because he sought to please God even though he had major failures.

Our failures may be mocked, but they are not proof that God’s word is false. They affirm its warnings and they should never keep us from turning back to God.

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