Who is responsible for the suffering?

When one considers today’s headlines about coronavirus and its potential to kill, it’s easy for anyone to ask, “Why is there so much suffering?” It’s a question that has been asked since the Old Testament.  But on whom does responsibility for suffering rest?  What does the Bible say about our corrupt world?  Do we have any choice in the matter when it comes to suffering?

Consider Job and how he responded after losing all his wealth and children. He took his concern to God and asked for understanding. And with that understanding came peace.  Job’s suffering was not because of something he did.  His suffering was caused by the sins of Satan. Doesn’t this teach us that suffering is the result of sin, and those who suffer are not necessarily the sinner who causes the suffering?

God created a perfect world, but man’s sin opened that world to corruption.  Viruses, tornadoes, floods cause suffering.  To be clear, they are the result of the corruption of what was once a perfect world.  We suffer from sin that corrupted the world in the past, and present-day sin that continues to corrupt God’s creation. While the Bible doesn’t tell us in scientific language how the world physically changed, it does tell us the corruption of God’s creation sprouts from man.  It also tells us that we can choose to remain blinded to the cause of corruption and wallow in the suffering, or we can ask that God would open our eyes to His will for us.  We may also ask for the strength we need while surrounded by corruption.

God gives everyone the choice. Which one do you choose?



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