Big changes for the LeFevre Quartet


A big announcement came via a  Facebook LIVE and YouTube LIVE event Monday evening!  Mike LeFevre announced some changes for the LeFevre Quartet.  Departing will be Jeremy Peace and Keith Plott.  Mike says no one is mad at each other and change is inevitable.  The new version of the LeFevre quartet will have a very familiar name being added for tenor, Jay Parrack!

Jay was a loved member of Gold City for over a decade.  During that time, he won the Singing New Fan Award for “Favorite Young Artist” five times and the Singing News Fan Award for “Favorite Tenor” twice! To say he is a fan favorite, is an understatement.  Also joining the group in the bass position, Will Lane.

No doubt, we’ll be looking forward to what LeFevre Quartet will bring in 2020 with this new sound.

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