Texas Gospel Canada to be blocked from U.S. listeners on Jan.12


The online audio of TexasGospel.org will be geoblocked from U.S. listeners beginning Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019.  This is the result of a demand made by music license holders within the United States.

Texas Gospel Canada is a Torontocast stream.  It is fully licensed by SOCAN to play music online in Canada.  Licensing entities within the U.S. have requested that Torontocast either geo-block the U.S. or purchase a U.S. music streaming license. The cost involved, which is several times that of our streaming costs within Canada, make it cost prohibitive.

Texas Gospel Canada began broadcasting in late 2017. Some basic guidelines for programming have been in place since the beginning; one of which is to never to ask for donations or broadcast commercials.  The reasoning behind this is simple.  We want to avoid any impression that the volunteers and operators of the station are motivated by anything other than spreading the Gospel.

If you know of a good Southern Gospel station streaming within in the U.S., feel free to post the web address on our facebook page or on the bottom of TexasGospel.org for U.S. listeners.

To be clear, Texas Gospel Canada is NOT going off the air, but listeners in the U.S. will no longer be able to hear our station after January 12.


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