Update: Texas Gospel is not moving, but changes are on the way

This is an update to our previous message concerning listeners in the United States.

Our web service provider has issued a clarification.  Torontocast is not ceasing operations, but is making preparations to block access to our station for listeners in the United States.  While we have enjoyed having friends listen in from the U.S., the decision is out of our hands.  The programming of Texas Gospel Canada is broadcast through a server in Canada and is intended for Canadian listeners.  We have been assured that no listener in Canada will lose ability to hear our station.

Again, this is what we have been told: Our station will be geoblocked; that is, technology will be put in place that prevents people within the US from listening.  This will NOT affect our Country Gospel station from being heard because it is hosted by a different provider who is not currently in negotiations with music license holders in the US.  This does not guarantee that this will not happen to them in the future.

This change is not the result of a decision made by TexasGospel.org. This is the result of negotiations between our web stream provider and entities in the U.S.  Too, the operator and volunteers of TexasGospel.Org are not taking sides on this issue.  These types of things are normal for contract negotiations.  We hope a suitable solution will be reached by both sides that will allow U.S. listeners to once again hear our station.

The cutoff for U.S. listeners should happen early to mid-January.  We invite those in the U.S. to sample our Country Gospel station (Click here) after that date.

If you know of a U.S. station streaming Southern Gospel Music that you would like to share on our Facebook page for others to find, feel free.  We are not in competition with other ministries.  We serve the same Lord.

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