Arizona church vandalized for third time this year

Police in Tucson, Arizona, USA are investigating the third of three acts of vandalism at a Baptist church building this year.

The congregation of the Tucson Baptist Church spent hours cleaning up the mess left by the latest criminal attack.  The damage was discovered Friday, Nov. 2, 2018.

The motive of the vandals has not been announced.

“Maybe because we’re a church people see us as an easy target,” the pastor said. “The fact is as a church we’re here to help those in the community, we love the community, we love serving the community,” said Pastor Brent Armstrong to KVOA television.

The church used its Facebook page to thank local law enforcement for its effort in finding the person responsible. The post says, “It was a long day at our church! We thank the Tucson Police Department midtown ops for their investigation which took most of the day. We thank the news stations for their interest in covering our story. We are also grateful for an amazing staff that worked tirelessly to clean up a disgusting mess and set back in order our classrooms for Sunday.”

The church was vandalized in March 2018 and again in May 2018.

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