Good works and good feelings


An agnostic friend of mine posted a meme that says, “I try to do good in the world not out of fear for Hell or a reward of Heaven, but because it feels better not to be an (expletive.)

Well, salty language aside, there are a few assumptions made by the person who made the meme.   Firstly, that one should give because it feels good. The Christian stance is that we should do “good” even if it doesn’t feel good.  The meme implies that atheists and agnostics do “good” only for the feeling they get.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t mean that, but this is an implication of the meme.  Secondly, he referenced fear of hell or reward of heaven. This is a common presupposition in many atheist sayings and memes.  God doesn’t send us to Hell or reward us with Heaven because of our works.  God’s gift of salvation is freely given to all who ask in spite of our works.  It’s a gift offered to those who do not deserve it. The assumptions made by the meme are false premises often used by those who launch verbal attacks on Christians.

We do not deserve salvation.  God’s gift is freely given.  It is grace, not a payment to us.

Have you accepted His gift?

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