Bibles and hymnals shredded, cross smashed through glass at Idaho church building

An Idaho congregation is repairing damage vandals caused over the weekend and making plans to replace around $10,000 in property stolen from the church.

Local News 8 reported the vandals tore up books, broke windows and stole items used for services including communion items and collection plates at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church.  The Post Register newspaper posted photos of the damage.  The damage included torn bibles, torn hymn books and a wooden cross stuck through a shattered window, according to a report from KPVI television.

A Bonneville County sheriff’s office spokesperson said the vandalism happened sometime between late Saturday and early Sunday before staff arrived.  The spokesperson did not have a motive for the vandalism.  Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call Idaho Crime Stoppers at 208-522-1983.

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