2/22/2018 “Pro-choice” college students vandalize choose life signs

Columbus, OH – February 21, 2018 – On February 19, 2018, one of Created Equal’s partnering groups displayed abortion victim images on the campus of San Antonio College in Texas. What followed demonstrated how some pro-choice students disagree about abortion by vandalizing pro-life displays. This behavior is becoming more commonplace on university campuses. Sadly, those who support killing babies are also willing to break the law in other ways too.

Our activists are trained not to protect property because that may escalate the situation and lead to additional issues. Instead, we rely on law enforcement to protect us and our rights.

Despite the slow response from police to the scene, Love of Truth Ministries has filed charges and is working to prosecute the vandals.

“An entire generation is being trained on college campuses to violently object to opposing views. Long past are the days when civility was the norm.  Tragically, censoring speech is becoming an acceptable way of disagreeing with differing views.

“We demand assurances from the administration of San Antonio College that expressive rights of anti-abortion activists will be protected and we look forward to bringing these perpetrators to justice,” said Mark Harrington, President of Created Equal.

Created Equal is joining several other pro-life organizations calling for a thorough investigation to locate and change these students.

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