Lee McNeil Returnsto the Old Time Preachers Qt


Nashville, TN (May 16, 2023) Original lead singer, Lee McNeil, is returning to the Old Time Preachers Qt, but this time, he’ll be singing bass! Lee will be taking the place of former bass singer, Mike Holcomb. Lee is the pastor of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, NC, and will travel with the Old Time Preachers for most dates outside of Sundays; the group will travel as a trio on select Sunday dates.

Group owner and baritone, Les Butler, states, “We are excited and blessed to have Lee, back with us on select dates. His attitude, demeanor, and humility are a blessing to be around. He’s a singing and preaching machine!

The OTPQ has strategically reduced our dates since Covid. First, we were simply doing more than our “old” bodies would allow. Secondly, all of the men are preachers and our personal evangelism schedules started to fill up more and more. We support preaching first; singing second. So, we’re probably going to be doing about 30 dates a year and Lee will be on the majority of these dates. Initially, he took the lead singing spot with us because we had a pretty good bass singer at the time. You may have heard of him. His name is Mike Holcomb. In all seriousness, Lee was a bass singer when I hired him, he simply took the lead spot because that filled our need and he knocked it out of the park in that slot. We are excited for you to hear Lee sing his natural part as a bass vocalist.”

Be sure to listen for their newest radio single, “Everybody Will Be Happy Over There!” This is an old favorite featuring former Bass singer, Mike Holcomb.

Good News! Les Butler is back home after COVID-19 hospital stay

William Desjardins

We are very happy to share with you that Les Butler of the Old Time Preacher’s Quartet is back at his home after spending weeks at Stonecrest Medical Center in Smyrna, TN with COVID-19 and pneumonia. Les is a co-founder, baritone, pianist and manager of the quartet. He has been back at his house since Dec. 9.  Sorry about just now letting you know, we just found out ourselves.

Less spent some time on Facebook Live to share some time with Southern Gospel fans.

Less spent 44 days in the hospital. Throughout his stay he made occasional posts to social media to let family and fans know what was going on. 

We hope you have time to listen to Les’ entire Facebook live. He has some good things to say about the importance of prayer.