The Inspirations, McKamey Legacywin Singing News Fan Awards


Arden, North Carolina (October 5, 2022) — Horizon Records artists The Inspirations and McKamey Legacy are winners of Singing News Fan Awards this year. The awards were presented last week at the National Quartet Convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

The Inspirations’ album, What A Wonderful Time LIVE, was named Favorite Album of the year. The album — recorded at NQC in 2020 — highlights the newest generation of members, Roland Kesterson, lead vocal; Isaac Moore, tenor vocal; Wyatt Austin, bass vocal; and Luke Vaught, baritone vocal and keyboard; and captures the energy they bring to the stage. 

“We are honored that our fans voted our album the favorite of the year. This album will always be special to us as being our first with this lineup, and for it to go down in history as winning album of the year is just confirmation that we are doing what God wants as well as what our fans want,” says Kesterson. “It’s our prayer that we be better servants than better singers. Thank you so much to all who support us in what we do as we continue to promote the gospel to this world that we live in.”

Bass singer Wyatt Austin received further honors as he was named Favorite Young Artist. “To say I was surprised is an understatement,” he says. “I am extremely honored for the support that you all have shown me and I love each and every one of you! This is a memory I will never forget, thank you!”

McKamey Legacy, who released their self-titled album earlier this year, was voted Favorite New Artist. The group picked up where Southern Gospel legends The McKameys left off and is composed of Ruben and Peg McKamey’s daughter, Connie Fortner, her husband, Roger, and their son, Elijah, who were already integral contributors to The McKameys’ sound.

“We are truly honored by the love and support from each and everyone who voted for McKamey Legacy in the Singing News Fan Awards for Favorite New Artist,” they say. “We were surprised, but pleasantly surprised by this honor and we pray that we will continue to carry the gospel in song that is pleasing to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!”

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McKamey Legacy carries on tradition on new album


Arden, North Carolina (April 11, 2022) — Like a picture, a well-chosen name for a music group can be worth a thousand words — and to prove the point, one need look no farther than McKamey Legacy.  In its simplicity, the name announces that the great Southern Gospel heritage of The McKameys, one of the music’s most beloved artists, is in the hands of a new generation, committed to honoring that legacy while carrying it forward into the future. And now, both the fidelity and creativity embodied in that commitment is fully revealed with the release of McKamey Legacy’s debut album for Horizon Records — the label which served as home to The McKameys for the last half of their decades-long recording career. The self-titled album is now available for pre-save, add or order ahead of its May 27 release. 

Not surprisingly, McKamey Legacy starts off by immersing the listener in the new group’s approach to The McKameys’ voluminous song catalog. Indeed, the very opening notes to the first song, “The Message,” faithfully echo those of the original version, even as the new group recasts it as a female lead that features Connie Fortner, Ruben and Peg McKamey Bean’s daughter. Fittingly, the song is one of many written for The McKameys by Fortner’s sister, Sheryl Farris, as are the next two — “Always” and “I Will Trust You Lord.” Yet McKamey Legacy also serve notice that the trio — Connie, husband Roger and their son, Eli—are not content to recreate the past. Indeed, new songs lie at the heart of McKamey Legacy, with its interior half given over to fresh material, including the first single, “Still” — appropriately enough, a brand new song from Farris. The project closes by returning to The McKameys’ songbook with two old favorites, 1991’s “The Rising of the Son” and 1984’s “Dust On The Altar.”  

To those familiar with The McKameys, McKamey Legacy’s simple, sturdy arrangements will sound immediately familiar — as they should, given the many years that Roger and Eli, who are responsible for most of the instrumental work here, spent with the group. Once again, though, a deeper listen reveals that the classic sound is being tastefully and reverently updated for modern ears, with subtle touches that underline McKamey Legacy’s determination to go beyond easy recapitulation. From start to finish, McKamey Legacy is a project that wraps its timeless gospel messages in a powerful blend of old and new.  

“We are so excited about the release of our first project,” the group enthuses. “This project has a blend of old McKamey favorites, as well as a few new songs that have never been recorded before. We hope and pray that each song on this project brings comfort, peace and hope to each and everyone who listens to it, and we pray that every part of it brings glory to God, for He is the one who put this ‘legacy’ together.”

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