Horizon & Sonlite Records announce collaborative trio Lauren, Amber & Kenna


Arden, North Carolina (December 7, 2022) β€” In a project rooted in one glorious moment of spontaneous music-making, Horizon & Sonlite Records artists Lauren Talley, known from her time with award-winning gospel group The Talleys and as a powerful soloist; Amber Eppinette Saunders, dynamic vocalist of 11th Hour, one of today’s leading Southern Gospel groups; and Kenna Turner West, a celebrated and award-winning songwriter and vocalist, are now bringing their personal talents and experiences together for a unique collaborative endeavor: Writing, recording and releasing music as a trio simply known as Lauren, Amber & Kenna.

The three β€” longtime friends and collaborators β€” were traveling when they shared a video on social media of themselves singing. When Horizon & Sonlite staff saw it, it sparked the idea for the trio.

“Who would have thought a Facebook video of three friends singing together in the car would have ended up here?!” says Lauren. “We’ve all been friends for a long time, we sing, we write, and now we’re putting it all together in a powerful way.”

“I am overjoyed to be working with two of my dearest friends,” says Amber. “We all have lived life full of testings, tragedies, and trials but we now have a testimony of how God has and is bringing us through. That is what this music will showcase, and I can’t wait for you all to hear our hearts through it.” 

Kenna adds, “I am so grateful to Crossroads for this opportunity. The three of us have been like family for years, and now to be able to sing together β€” it’s an absolute joy! We each come at this with unique gifts and unique platforms of ministry, and when it all comes together, what we have collectively is something very special.”

With a vocal blend comparable to great collaborations both within and beyond the world of Gospel music β€” from the legendary Trio of Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt to Sisters and Point of Grace β€” Lauren, Amber & Kenna have taken an expansive approach to their work, combining their individual and joint influences and interests to create music that ranges from Gospel to Worship, and CCM to Southern Gospel, yet always retaining both their distinctive individual voices and the common roots they share.  

Already, the three have begun recording new music with Roger Talley producing, and their first single, “Ever-Present, Almighty God,” (written by Amber, Kenna and Jason Cox) will be released in early 2023.

“It’s a joy to work with these three talented ladies,” says Roger. “They have an incredible energy and passion in their singing and writing that makes their songs truly come alive. I’m so excited about the music that’s coming soon!”

Lauren Talley’s “Lord’s Prayer”gives power to familiar words


Arden, North Carolina β€” In April, Horizon Records’ Lauren Talley released “Shut Him Up,” her first song in almost two years. The high-energy song put a fresh twist on a familiar story, and marked the beginning of a new era for the Gospel singer as she works on her first record as a full-time solo artist.

Now, Talley follows that with the release of another song, “Lord’s Prayer,” which shows another side of her multifaceted talents.

With an arrangement as simple, and yet as rich as the text it accompanies, “Lord’s Prayer” revisits the beloved invocation, setting each of its parts and themes to music that traces the prayer’s arc of faith and daily spiritual renewal. Talley’s moving vocal brings more power to the familiar words, highlighting the importance of prayer in a close relationship with God.

“In a world full of noise, it’s important to carve out a moment to stop and whisper, ‘Father in heaven, we love You,'” says Talley. “‘Lord’s Prayer,’ invites quiet worship and reflection, just my vocal supported only by producer Gordon Mote’s piano accompaniment. Natalie Cromwell’s haunting melody brings new beauty to the words of Jesus, as He gives us all the example to follow amidst all the distractions and busyness of life.”

Lauren Talley begins new era of career with “Shut Him Up”


Arden, North Carolina (April 29, 2022) β€” It’s been almost exactly two years since Horizon Records’Lauren Talley released her luminous, intimate version of the enduring “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow” β€” a heartfelt response to the uncertainties that gripped the world during the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic β€” so to call a new single from the acclaimed Southern Gospel singer eagerly awaited scarcely does justice to the impact that “Shut Him Up” is likely to have on audiences more than ready to hear it.

Written by the team of Joseph Habedank and Jimmy Yeary β€” both accomplished songwriters adept at exploring a broad range of styles to find the best setting for a song’s message β€” “Shut Him Up” announces its perspective on the Resurrection almost before the first word is sung. As a repetitive guitar figure contrasts with a descending riff to create an almost ominous feeling that underlines the song’s contemporary arrangement, Talley begins with the tension between the miracle of Christ’s birth despite the efforts of King Herod, before moving quickly to the bold lyric of the chorus:

“They couldn’t shut Him up
They couldn’t keep Him down
They couldn’t stop what He was born to do
They tried to silence Him
By crucifying Him
They tried to seal Him in a cold, dark tomb
But when it was all said and done
They couldn’t shut Him up”

A second verse brings the message forward with its focus on the stone that was rolled away from His tomb, while a bridge before the final swelling choruses drives the point home:

“From the stable to the Sermon on the Mount
They couldn’t hush Him, couldn’t drown Him out.”

“I’m excited to begin a new era of music with the release of ‘Shut Him Up,’” says Talley. “It’s the first single off my first record as a full-time solo artist. Writers Joseph Habedank and Jimmy Yeary put a clever twist on a familiar story, and producer Gordon Mote helped create a fresh sound that I think fans are going to love. I haven’t had this much fun singing since my teenage years!”

Listen for Shut Him Up on Texas Gospel Canada!