The Booth Brothers Enter New Season With StowTown Records Release, Speak Jesus


Nashville, TN (September 30, 2022) – StowTown Records has announced the highly-anticipated release of the newest recording from The Booth Brothers. Speak Jesus features the multi-award winning trio at their very best, delivering smooth harmonies with an energy and excitement that has catapulted them to the forefront of the gospel music genre.

The rich heritage of The Booth Brothers began over four decades ago as two young brothers, Ronnie and Michael, developed a deep love of harmony and chose to follow in their father’s footsteps, pursuing a career in the music industry. Before long, the brothers and their dad began to garner national attention and became one of the most awarded groups in gospel music.

In 2021, Ronnie made the decision to retire and longtime group member, Paul Lancaster, resigned after the passing of his precious wife, Michelle. After the departure of these great men from the group, Michael contacted friend and former group member, Jim Brady, to see if he would join him and the incredibly talented Buddy Mullins to forge ahead and carry on the ministry of The Booth Brothers. The three have joined forces and are taking the country by storm with the unmistakable smooth harmony that their listeners so dearly love.

This new recording from Michael Booth and his longtime friends offers twelve songs, most of which are written or co-written by Jim and Buddy, that appropriately convey the faithfulness of a loving Savior. “We serve an awesome God whose faithfulness has been proven time and again,” states Michael Booth. “Over the past year or so, The Booth Brothers have experienced our share of changes and uncertainty, but God has never failed us, and this latest recording is a testament to how He speaks to us as seasons and circumstances change, even through the chaos and uncertainty that often surrounds us.”

The first single, “Room Full of Stories,” can already be heard on radio stations across the country. Fans and friends of The Booth Brothers know how well they connect with their audiences, and this song is a nod to that. From the stage, Michael, Buddy and Jim see many faces in the crowd, but behind each face is a story, and each story differs from the next. While we all have our own stories, a common theme can be found: the grace and faithfulness of our loving God.

Speak Jesus reunites The Booth Brothers with Grammy®-nominated songwriter, engineer and producer Barry Weeks. Michael expressed his appreciation, “Barry’s leadership brought out the best in each of us, in addition to bringing out the best in the musicians and the songs. We absolutely love working with him. He’s worked with some of the most notable artists in the business, and we are honored that he would lend his talents to help us produce what we believe is truly one of our most meaningful projects yet. We are so thrilled with the finished recording, and we think our listeners will be as well.”

President and CEO of StowTown Records Landon Beene shares, “It has been my great honor to work with the Booth Brothers over the last several years, as both their former manager and a concert promoter. To now have them as artists on the StowTown Records label and to represent their music during this new era of ministry is an absolute privilege. Our team is thrilled to walk alongside them and cheer them on in this new season. We are excited to be releasing what we feel is one of their best recordings to date and can’t wait to see how the Lord uses this music to touch the hearts of those who will hear it.”

With Speak Jesus, The Booth Brothersdeliver a powerful message of hope during challenging times and seasons of change. This recording features progressive, tight harmonies that have become synonymous with The Booth Brothers. The album reaffirms that although situations and circumstances change, and chaos and uncertainty can bring about fear, God’s grace is always sufficient. Each song conveys that there is victory on the other side of the valley and encourages all who listen to simply Speak Jesus in those trying times.

Speak Jesus is distributed by Provident/Sony and is availableon all digital platforms worldwide, and wherever fine Christian music is sold, including and

The Chitans’ Shoulder to Shoulder joyously embraces the power of God’s love


Arden, North Carolina (September 30, 2022) — Reminding us once again that the sounds of Southern Gospel and the timeless message of salvation they convey know no boundaries, The Chitans return with Shoulder To Shoulder  their second full-length album with Horizon Records — out now.

The title and opening track lays out the story almost as if it were written to order:

“We are brothers and sisters, we’re part of the family of God
We’ve faced many battles together, God brought us thru every one
Now we don’t always agree, we don’t always see eye to eye
But all of these things will not stop us, for we have made up our mind

Shoulder to shoulder, we will go forward, united together as one
We’ll not be divided, we’ll not be defeated, as a family we’ll keep standing strong
Shoulder to shoulder, we are helping each other make it home”

Set to a soulful, gently swaying rhythm, the song lifts up the entire group — sisters Kaiziah, Kayandra and Karlainah, along with brothers Jesse and Jayden — and sets the tone for the album, which reflects a joyously embrace of the Gospel spirit and the power of God’s love. And while there is room for expansive orchestral arrangements that underline the majesty and power of their message, most of the songs on Shoulder To Shoulder favor more organic sounds to match the simplicity of youthful belief, giving the album a warm, intimate family atmosphere.  

Similarly, while there are a few touchstone songs that listeners may recognize, including “Goodness Of God,” the group’s reworking of Charity Gayle’s take on “New Name Written Down In Glory,” and a nod to the family’s Caribbean origins in “Hush (Don’t Cry),” first recorded by the group Acapella, the bulk of the songs are fresh and new, carefully chosen by the group and their producer, Roger Talley. And though the glistening, heartfelt vocals of Kaiziah and Kayandra are most prominently featured — that’s Kayandra taking the lead on the first single, “God Like That” — there’s plenty of room for all of The Chitans to shine, emphasizing the close-knit feeling of the family as they stand shoulder to shoulder.

“We are so excited to announce the release of our brand new album,” offer The Chitans. “God is so good, and we are so grateful to be able to sing about Him. It was such a fun and enjoyable time working with our producer, Roger Talley, and the folks at Crossroads Studios. There are some awesome songs on this album, songs of encouragement, hope and peace — some songs you may know that you can sing along to, and some brand new ones that will have you singing along in no time. We are so thrilled to be able to share this with you all!”Listen to Shoulder to Shoulder

U.S. Criminals smash windows, spread paint in California church building


Vandals in the U.S. targeted the building sanctuary of First Church of the Nazarene in Bakersfield, California.

Police in California were called to the church on Sept. 21, 2022 after graffiti, broken windows and overturned pews were discovered at the house of worship.

Volunteers from other congregations have helped clean up most of the damage.

Police in Bakersfield have not yet determined who is responsible for the criminal attack on the church.

U.S.: Man who vandalized two churches given jail time, told to stay way


A California man who pleaded to felony charges related to vandalism of two churches will spend 208 days in jail.

Omar Rico Olivardes, 34, entered the guilty pleas on September 29, 2022. According to court documents the charges of vandalism of religious property are related to smashing windows at the Gospel Churh of God and the Templo Sinai Church in Santa Anna, California. He was also ordered to stay away from two other churches in the area.

Texas Gospel Canada file stories do not list a motive given at the time of the vandalism.

The Down East Boys’ “Ready To Leave”goes No. 1 on SGN Scoops chart


Arden, North Carolina (September 20, 2022) — The Down East Boys have once again claimed the No. 1 spot on the monthly SGN Scoops Southern Gospel Chart with a song from their album, The Stories We Tell“Ready To Leave,” a horn-driven cover of the popular Hemphills song, has quickly climbed the chart since its release, debuting at No. 13 before jumping to No. 1. The song follows the group’s last single,  “Your Sins Are Forgiven,” which was No. 1 on the SGN Scoops chart in May.

“Ready To Leave” talks about living a life that prepares you for heaven, as the chorus shares, “​​Ready to leave in a twinkling of an eye / making investments in the bank up in the sky! / I’ve made preparations — not a reason to grieve. / Are you in that number getting ready to leave?”

“We are overwhelmed by the response to this great classic song,” says Ricky Carden, the group’s lead singer. “Fifty years after it was first recorded, the message has become more real in the days we are living in. We are getting ‘Ready To Leave’!” 

The song is the latest single from the Down East Boys’ album, The Stories We Tell. The album is the first featuring the current lineup of singers (Carden, baritone Daryl Paschal, bass Alex Utech and tenor Doug Pittman), and offers a sampling of all the elements that have contributed to the success of the group’s musical ministry — uplifting songs; thoughtful, creative arrangements relevant to today’s faithful while keeping strong links to tradition; and, above all, singing that gives each voice an opportunity to testify within a tight-knit quartet setting.  

Listen to “Ready To Leave” and the rest of The Stories We Tell HERE.

About Down East Boys
For more than 30 years, the Down East Boys quartet has traveled from coast to coast, Canada and Mexico. Starting in eastern North Carolina the group chose the name from that region called Down East, but quickly expanded its ministry and has now recorded more than 20 projects and has had more than 40 songs reach the top of the Singing News charts. The Down East Boys features lead singer Ricky Carden, baritone singer Daryl Paschal, bass singer Alex Utech and tenor singer Doug Pittman, who each bring a richness to the group’s music and have been noted by industry leaders and singers as some of the best. The Down East Boys have been afforded many great accolades to their credit. Three songs — “Beat Up Bible,” “Testimony Time” and “I’d Like To Tell It Again” — from their album, One Day In The Past, reached the No 1. position on the Singing News Chart, and “Amazing Amounts of Amazing Grace” from their most recent album, Faithful Still, also made the top spot. From performing with many evangelists through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, singing at Southern Baptist State Conventions and Evangelism conferences all over the country, to all the awards and nominations and the hit songs, nothing changes the goal of this group and that is to share the gospel of Jesus unto all the world.